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Vegan Family Favorites Now an Ebook

I am officially taking my vegan cookbook, Vegan Family Favorites, out of print.  But fear not, I’ve transformed it into an ebook as I’ve had a lot of demand from people overseas who want the book but for which shipping was prohibitive.  The best thing about the ebook format is that you can either print out the entire book or just print out the recipes you want to make.  I keep my favorite recipes in a folder in my kitchen.  It doesn’t take up as much room as an actual book, and I can just pull out a recipe and

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Raising Vegan Children Now an Ebook

I took my book, Raising Vegan Children in a Non-Vegan World, out of print a few months ago.  Due to popular demand I’m re-releasing it as an ebook now.  If you go to Amazon you’ll see people selling printed copies of the book for anywhere from $20 to $150!  That’s just not right. If you’ve been wanting a copy, now you can buy it from me and save money too. Buy the ebook now  Don’t forget that copies of my cookbook, Vegan Family Favorites, are on deep discount at the moment as I am wanting to sell out of my

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