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Intuition Development Program with Erin Pavlina

Intuition Development Program with Erin Pavlina

Being able to access your intuition consciously allows you to receive wisdom, insight, and guidance about your path.

In this online audio program, you will learn how to connect with your spirit guides using four intuitive modalities.  You will be able to hear their broadcast whenever you want or need it. 

Knowing how to access your intuition will improve your career, relationships, finance, health, spirituality, and more, which will lead to a happier life.

The list of modules in this course include:

  • Module 1: Intuition Basics
  • Module 2: Your Helpers on the Other Side
  • Module 3: Discernment: Is it your guides or your imagination?
  • Module 4: Meditation Training
  • Module 5: A Practice Guided Meditation
  • Module 6: Clairvoyance
  • Module 7: Clairvoyance Meditation – The Movie Screen
  • Module 8: Clairvoyance Meditation – The Tree
  • Module 9: Troubleshooting Clairvoyance 
  • Module 10: Clairaudience
  • Module 11: Clairaudience Guided Meditation
  • Module 12: Troubleshooting Clairaudience 
  • Module 13: Clairsentience
  • Module 14: Clairsentience Guided Meditation
  • Module 15: Troubleshooting Clairsentience 
  • Module 16: Claircognizance
  • Module 17: Claircognizance Guided Meditation
  • Module 18: Troubleshooting Claircognizance
  • Module 19: How to Use Intuition in your Daily Life
  • Module 20: Ways to Practice Further

    Use your Intuition to:

    • Transition to a career that makes you happy
    • Earn more money
    • Find an amazing partner
    • Enhance a current relationship
    • Achieve better health
    • Connect with a deceased loved one
    • Determine your life purpose
    • Strengthen your connection with your spirit guides, higher self, and angels
    • Help your friends or family with their problems


    Free Bonuses:

    • A full transcript of the audio program
    • A workbook (pdf) to enhance learning and to document progress
    • Access to a private, online discussion forum where you can post questions to help you improve your intuition.