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What To Expect During A Reading

Erin’s ability to clearly and quickly understand and interpret messages from Spirit Guides – and then concisely communicate them to her clients in a split second – is what impressed me the most and set her apart from other intuitives.” Jessica in Toronto

Erin’s gift is the ability to tune in to your spirit guides and get answers from them that will help you on your path. Your guides can help you with your career, relationships, health, finances, spirituality and a lot more. You can even get advice about your loved ones.

Whether you get an email reading or a phone reading with Erin, your reading will be helpful, accurate, and insightful. Erin is well known in the industry for being compassionate, down to earth, and practical. She has read for thousands of clients all over the world.

If you book an email reading, you will receive your reading within 72 hours guaranteed, and often within just a few hours. With a phone reading, Erin will call you precisely at the appointed time and get right to giving you the information your guides need you to know.

Here are the best ways to get the most out of your reading with Erin:

Erin tunes in to your photo, so when you book a reading you’ll be sending her a nice clear photo of yourself and anyone else you’re asking about. Erin uses the photo to initiate the connection with your guides and get the download.

Ask Clear Questions
Especially for the email reading since Erin won’t be able to ask you for clarification on your question(s) you must ask your question(s) in a way that gives Erin enough information so she knows what you’re talking about. Don’t be vague or you’ll get a vague answer.

Phone Reading Protocols
If you’re having a phone reading with Erin, be sure you’re right at your phone on time. Erin is meticulously punctual. If your phone isn’t ringing at the appointed time, immediately check your email because Erin will email you if there is a problem getting through to you.

Be sure you’re alone. If there is someone else in the room you may not feel free to talk about the often private and personal issues that come up during readings. The information must be free to flow and not blocked.

You may record the reading if you desire. Erin does not record the readings. Most people do just fine with paper and pen.

Just as your reading will begin right on time, it will end right on time. Erin books clients with just a few minutes in between sessions so she will politely end your call on time. Respect her time and she will respect yours.

Canceling and Refunds
You can get a full refund on your reading if you cancel before your reading begins.

Because there is a great deal of pre-tuning with your guides and due to the time spent in your session, there are no refunds on completed readings. No exceptions.

Erin has a 99.5% satisfaction rate. If you feel disatisfied with your reading, please seek another intuitive next time you need advice. Not all intuitives work the same way and you may resonate more with someone else.

Be responsible
You are always responsible for your own life. When you receive medical, financial, or legal advice from your guides it’s still up to you to use reasonable discretion and intelligence when you put it into practice. The information you receive in a reading should be used as a guideline for further action, but you should always seek the advice of a financial, medical or legal expert when needed.


  • Erin doesn’t find missing items. Seek the services of psychics who specialize in that option.
  • Erin won’t tell you with whom your spouse is cheating. But she can talk to you about what you need to know about your marriage which will ultimately be of more benefit.
  • Erin can sometimes connect with deceased relatives but can never guarantee a connection. Do not book a reading with Erin if your sole reason for doing so is contact with a specific individual. You may be very disappointed if a connection is not made and there will be no refunds if a connection cannot be made. Go to a medium instead.


Past Life Reading
Via Email

Learn about one of your past lives: Who you were, when you lived, what your life was like, and how you died.

Email Reading -
1 Question

One question about any aspect of your life such as career, relationship, health, etc. 3-day guaranteed turnaround time. 

Email Reading -
2 Questions

Two questions about any aspect of your life such as career, relationship, health, etc.  3-day guaranteed turnaround time.

Email Reading -
3 Questions

Three questions about any aspect of your life such as career, relationship, health, etc.  3-day guaranteed turnaround time.

Email Reading -

Purchase 5 questions, bank them, and use as needed. No expiration. Great option for those who purchase multiple readings each year.

Phone Reading
15 Minutes

15 minutes on the phone with Erin. She will cover 3-5 areas of your life.  

Wait time: 2-3 weeks