The Difference Between Auras and Chakras

Often people ask me if I can see their aura.  They’re surprised when I say “No, but I can see your chakras.”  There’s a difference between auras and chakras. Let’s clear up some of the confusion. Your Aura Auras are fields of luminous energy that surround a person like a halo, and can be seen… Read On

How can I learn to trust my psychic abilities?

Question:  How can I learn to trust my psychic abilities, specifically clairvoyance and the images I get?  How do I know if they are real or have any real meaning? Answer:  Clairvoyance means clear-seeing.  It is the psychic faculty that goes through the third eye chakra located between your eyebrows.  With clairvoyance you see images… Read On

Pinpricks of Light

Are you at the end of your rope?  Are you about ready to let go and call it a life?  Are you depressed?  Is your light just going … out?  When I prepare to do an intuitive reading for someone, I do a little tuning in before I call them on the phone.  Part of… Read On

How do you open and close chakras?

Question: How do you open your chakras, how do you close them, and under what circumstances should you do either?  Answer:  In my blog entry on chakras you’ll get information about the location, color, and function of each chakra.  Your chakras are always open, for the most part, but they may not be in optimal… Read On