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The Difference Between Auras and Chakras

Often people ask me if I can see their aura.  They’re surprised when I say “No, but I can see your chakras.”  There’s a difference between auras and chakras. Let’s clear up some of the confusion.

Your Aura
Auras are fields of luminous energy that surround a person like a halo, and can be seen or detected by those with intuitive abilities either with their physical eyes or their third eye (i.e. mind’s eye).  Auras contain various colors, and the master intuitive can detect a person’s dominant energies by the color of their aura.  Each color conveys a different meaning.  When I was a child a psychic told me my aura was yellow and that meant I was smart, logical, and inquisitive.  Over the years my aura changed to green and purple which I was told meant I was spiritual and compassionate.  Sometimes I was told my aura was purple around my head and yellow around my body.  It seemed my aura was like a mood ring and changed colors with my emotional state.

Auras can be affected by the energies of people around us.  If you’re having a conversation with a person who is intimidating you, likely your aura will shrink back as the other person’s energy pushes against it.  If you’re feeling powerful and unstoppable, your aura will be thick and strong, and it’s unlikely you’ll feel intimidated by another’s energy.  When you’re in love, your aura will reach out to lightly brush against the aura of the person you love, and they will combine to create a field of light around the two of you (awwww).  As you move apart, pieces of your energetic field will remain with your loved one.

People with powerful auras will have a lot of charisma.  Celebrities or politicians are a good example.  Anyone that has a strong presence, who can draw a crowd, likely has a thick aura.  On the other hand, people who are fearful, anxious, or shy will often have a very thin aura.  If you are unhealthy, there may be areas of black in your aura.  If you are meditating or doing spiritual work, you could emanate gold, white, or purple energy.

If you are practiced at energy work, you can also inject colors into your aura when you need them.  Yes, you can manipulate your aura to send off subtle, or not so subtle, cues into the atmosphere.  If you’re about to make a big sales presentation you might want to inject some red into your aura.  If you’re about to break up a fight, you might want to inject some gold or green into your aura.  What you emanate can influence someone else so emanate responsibly. 😉

To sum up, your aura is the energetic field that emanates from your body and indicates your general mood, state, or way of being.  It can be adjusted consciously if you are practiced and skilled at energy work.  It can change quickly based on your current situation.

Your Chakras
Chakras are energy centers inside your body that are anchored in place.  Each chakra relates to a different aspect of your life and each chakra is a certain color.  Your root chakra, for example, relates to security, stability, and abundance, and is red.  Your heart chakra is green and relates to compassion, connection with others, and love.  Your throat chakra, which is blue, relates to your ability to communicate and express yourself.

I see chakras.  In fact, when I do my intuitive counseling sessions the first thing I do is look at your chakras because they tell me the story of your situation.  If I see a tiny root chakra I know you’re not experiencing abundance or you’re living at home with your parents or are a student.  If I see a large wide open root chakra I know you’ve got plenty of money or you’re in a stable and secure situation.  I use your chakras to diagnose your life situation.  The chakras tell the story.  If I see tiny pinpricks of light in every chakra, that tells me you’re considering suicide or are very depressed.  Sometimes I’ll see light from one chakra encroaching on another, and sometimes I’ll see chakras that are slightly out of place.  All of this information helps me tune in to my client.  Once I’ve got the story, I use my clairvoyance and clairaudience to talk to your spirit guides and get specific information about how to help you in the areas of your life such as career, relationships, health, finances, spirituality, etc.

While auras can be adjusted based on current mood and intent, your chakras are more anchored and rooted.  It takes real change in your life to create a change in your chakras.

To sum up, your chakras are a reflection of your life situation.  An intuitive can use chakras to diagnose your current areas of strength and weakness and then guide you on how to make changes in your life that will later be reflected in changes in your chakras.

If you see me at a party or an event, don’t ask me what color your aura is.  Ask me about chakras instead.  While there is nothing wrong with knowing your aura colors, your aura can change with your mood.  It’s the chakras that tell the story of your life.

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