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How do you open and close chakras?

Question: How do you open your chakras, how do you close them, and under what circumstances should you do either? 

Answer:  In my blog entry on chakras you’ll get information about the location, color, and function of each chakra.  Your chakras are always open, for the most part, but they may not be in optimal shape.  I’ve seen chakras that are blocked, chakras that flicker, and chakras that are slighly out of alignment, as in not where they should be.  I’ve seen chakras with the wrong color in them too.  These are all clues to me about the psychic and spiritual health of my clients.  But no matter what shape your chakras are in right now, you can fix them.

Beginning with the root chakra imagine a red ball of energy spinning in a clockwise direction around an imaginary pole going through your body from head to toe.  Make the red ball of energy strong, clear, and powerful.  Sometimes people let their chakras pulsate with energy, sometimes chakras look like spinning galaxies, and sometimes they are cylindrical instead of in the shape of a ball.  All you’re really doing is activating the energy center.  It will feel like you’re imagining it at first, but don’t let that stop you.  In time you’ll feel, see, or even hear a tonal sound when you spin your chakras.  Repeat the process with your second chakra (orange) and all the way up to your crown chakra (white or violet).

If you’re just going on about your day, imagine your chakras are the size of a softball, roughly 4 to 5 inches in diameter.  Keep them inside your body, don’t let the light shine out of your body because your energy will touch the people with whom you come into contact.  Now, if contact is your goal or if you’re doing psychic reading work, increase the power and size of your chakras so that they are 12 inches in diameter and spinning outside your body.  Do not do this if you’re going to the theater or mall!  You’ll end up picking up on other people’s negativity and bringing it home with you.

When you’re done doing energy work, simply imagine your chakras contracting to the 4-5 inch diameter size, which is where they should be most of the time.  You can have them sit and pulsate instead of spin with power.  Just use the spinning to clear them and activate them. 

As for closing down your chakras, you don’t really want to do that.  The more energized your chakras are, the better you will feel, and the better your life will flow.  What you may be thinking of is shielding yourself, which is something you want to do if you are around someone with aggressive energy, or someone trying to leech your power from you.  To shield you can imagine putting up a shield of white or gold energy around your whole body, leaving you cocooned inside.  Or you can imagine a mirror in front of you reflecting the person’s negative energy back on them.  I also like to use my power chakra (#3) as a shield if I know I’m going to be around someone with an aggressive or controlling energy.  I imagine my yellow power chakra forming outside my body like a shield.  It helps me project authority in the face of someone trying to “take me down” or belittle me.

Play with your chakras; you won’t go blind. 😉  It can take time to become aware of them and feel the energy.  Don’t give up.  Learning to keep your chakras healthy and powerful is important to overall spiritual health.

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