Intuition Development Workshop – New Price

A funny thing happened to me on the way to creating the Intuition Development Workshop. When I originally planned this workshop, I was intending to charge $397 for a ticket. Along the way, some well-meaning people started talking to me about charging more for the workshop and creating tiers to allow some people to get… Read On

Meditation Mind Teleseminar Now Available

In 2010 I did a teleseminar hosted by The Meditation Mind. We had a couple hundred people on the call live and I received more than 100 questions to answer, but we picked 25 questions and spent an hour talking about spirit guides, intuition, life purpose, and meditation. Now you can purchase and instantly download… Read On

Is there a way to shut down intuition?

Episode #15 of the Ask Erin Pavlina YouTube Series is now live: Submit your own question Subscribe to Erin’s YouTube channel so you don’t miss a single episode. This week’s question comes from Marie. She asks: “Is there a way to shut down intuition?” Transcript of the Video: Hello and welcome to another episode of… Read On

How a Little Intuition, and a Little Logic, Saved a Little Life

For those of you working on listening to the voice of your intuition and trying to understand the information you get, this story is for you. Sometimes it can be difficult to trust your intuition or even understand what it’s trying to tell you. But if you give up on it too soon, it could… Read On

How To Recognize Your Intuitive Modality

Intuition is a flash of insight that comes to inform and protect you when you are about to take a step down an undesirable path.  Intuition is also there to encourage and support you when you’re headed down a path that leads to your desires.  Everyone has intuition, but not everyone is aware of when… Read On