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How Powerful Are Your Guides?

What can your spirit guides actually do for you? How powerful are they? People ask me variations of this question a lot. Are guides powerful enough to perform miracles or feats of magic? Could they, say, teleport you out of a burning building or make you win the lottery? And if they can’t do these amazing things, what good are they?

First let’s go over again who these guides are. Your spirit guides are non-corporeal entities who have agreed to help guide you in this life. Your higher self decides what your intention is for this life, your purpose if you will, and then finds guides who can help you fulfill your purpose. Neither your higher self nor your guides can MAKE anything happen. Once you incarnate, you have free will. So your guides have to watch you running around life’s maze like a cute but bewildered little rat and find ways of getting you to take the paths and turns that will lead to the fulfillment of your purpose.

It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it, and they do it willingly and with great love and respect.

So how does a guide actually help you? Guides broadcast signals to you energetically that you either pick up consciously, subconsciously, or ignore completely.

Let’s take the example of a radio. Right now a song is playing on one of the stations. But if your radio is off, you don’t know what song is playing right? The song is playing, but you’re not tuned in.

Likewise, what if your radio is on, but the volume is turned down? You might get the gist of the song but you won’t consciously notice every single word; perhaps you’ll feel sad if it was a sad song, or charged up if it was a lively song.

But what if you turn on the radio, crank up the volume, and listen intently? Now you’re getting the message clearly!

The broadcast comes in the form of daydreams, whims, urges, desires, sudden ideas, synchronicities, and imagination. Guides use all of these tools to broadcast ideas to you, hoping you will pick up on them and act on them.

They can’t teleport you out of a burning building but perhaps you get a strong urge to double check your iron to make sure you turned it off and you avoid burning down your house altogether.

Perhaps they can’t fix it so your lottery numbers are winners, but maybe they guide you to running into someone who hires you away from your current company for double your pay.

They have to work within the laws of the physical universe. Sometimes serendipitous events occur which may seem miraculous, or one in a million longshots.

Sometimes even bad news turns out to be good news down the road. Like maybe you get cut from a team only to be snatched up by a team that lets you play more often.

Your guides are constantly working behind the scenes to influence you and others, but they will never rob you of your free will. So if you want to engage in destructive habits that will eventually kill you or destroy your life, they can’t stop you. But more than likely you’re getting the feeling that what you’re doing is probably taking you down a dark road. They can lead you to the water but they can’t make you drink.

So how do you tune in to the guides to hear the broadcast so you can get where you want to go faster? Determine your dominant intuitive modality, strengthen it, and use it to tune in. You can use a divination tool like tarot cards or a pendulum, but honestly, your psychic radio is built into your system. You just need to turn it on. Meditation and lucid dreaming are also excellent tools you can use to connect with them when you want to.

This is one of the reasons I teach intuition development in my workshops. If I can teach you how to turn on the radio, crank up the volume, and understand what your guides are telling you, then you can use your connection to help yourself in all the areas of your life like career, finances, relationships, health, etc.

I’m passionate about teaching intuition because I know what a powerful tool it can be once you learn how to use it. And I do readings for those who haven’t yet developed their own ability to tune in or simply want confirmation that what they think they’re picking up is correct.

Your guides are available to you 24/7. They want to help you. Not listening to your guides is like trying to navigate in the dark without a compass. You can do it, but you can get where you’re going faster if you can receive the wisdom and insight your guides are sending.

Stop and ask for directions. Life is easier when you do.

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