Manifesting a Reading

At the 2008 Las Vegas I Can Do It conference that Steve and I just attended a very interesting thing happened during the Friday pre-conference workshop.  I was originally going to see Sonia Choquette because her conference was about developing psychic abilities and I wanted to see how she worked.  But at the last minute I decided the right thing to do was go see John Holland, the psychic medium whose work I always enjoy, but John’s talk was going to be more about the power of the soul which wasn’t as interesting to me professionally.  Still, following my intuition I walked into John’s workshop.

I sat in the back middle.  John is a dynamic, humorous speaker so I was quite enjoying the workshop.  As I looked around the room I noticed a guy in the left section.  He was young, in his 20’s probably, and he had some interesting tatoos on his body.  I took notice of him a few times; his energy drew me.  About an hour and a half into the session I heard my guides say, “We have a message for that guy.”  I said back to them, “What are you kidding?  Not working here.  Enjoying the workshop.  Leave me alone.”  They backed off.  I went to lunch.

When I got back to the workshop I took the same seat I had before.  And so did the young man.  My guides said, “Get up and go sit near him.  You need to give him a message.”  I replied back, “Fine, I’ll go sit next to him, but you have to do the rest.”  The reason I was resisting this is because I don’t like doing what I call drive-by readings, where I go up to a stranger and tell them I have a message for them from their guides.  I don’t feel it’s right to force unsolicited information on someone, but I did reason that since he was at a psychic medium’s workshop he’d probably be open to it.  So I got up and sat down right in front of him.

John continued the workshop and at one point asked us all to find a partner for a chakra exercise.  I turned to this guy and said, “Wanna be my partner?”  He smiled and said, “Sure.”  We got halfway through the chakra exercise when my guides practically forced me to say, “Listen, I’m actually a professional psychic and I think I have a message for you.”  He looked surprised but said enthusiastically, “Please, go ahead, I’m all ears.”  The message poured out of me at breakneck speed.  I knew we only had a few minutes at best.  The message was related to his life path, his lack of confidence in that path, and about the guides wanting him to know he was more than ready for the path he had chosen and to stop listening to the friends and family who told him he was going to fail.  He seemed relieved to hear this message.  I could see a huge weight lift off his shoulders.

He thanked me for the message, told me how accurate it was to his situation, and we sat down.  I said to the guides, “Happy now?”  They said, “Give him your card.”  I said, “Oh for Heaven’s sake, why?  Let’s just leave him alone now.  What does he need with my card?”  To which they stubbornly replied, “Give him your card now please.”  So I grabbed a card from my purse, turned around and gave it to him and said, “Listen, email me when you get going on your path.  I want to know how you’re doing.”  He said, “Wow, I was just about to ask you if you had a card.  Thank you, I will definitely email you.”  I also found out he was local to Las Vegas. 🙂

So then I said to my guides, “Happy now?”  They beamed at me.  “Yes. You did well.  Now hush up and listen to John speak.” 😉

At the end of the really great workshop (I got a lot more out of it than I was expecting), I got up to leave to go meet Steve.  I was racing down a back hallway when the tatooed guy came running after me.  “Erin!  Erin!”  I turned around.  He said, “You’re not going to believe this.  Several months ago I was looking through a magazine here in town and I found an ad for a psychic medium.  I was very drawn to get a reading with her.  So I cut the ad out and taped it to the wall above my computer.  You were that psychic!”

Whoa!  Now I realized why I had to give him my card.  I only advertise in one magazine here in Las Vegas, the Nevada Wellness Directory.  My ad in that magazine is the same image that is on my business card (because I was too lazy to create an ad so I just put my business card in as the ad).  When I handed him my business card he of course recognized that I was the very psychic he’d been wanting to get a reading with for months.  How’s that for Law of Attraction?  If I hadn’t given him my card he would have just thought I was some random psychic from God knows where who had a message for him.  But no, I was the psychic he’d wanted a reading with, and he got one.

See, the way my guides work is they go out and find people who would benefit from having a reading with me, then they find a way to get that person to my site, Steve’s site, or my ad in the Nevada Wellness Directory, or word of mouth, etc.  My guides and his guides decided he would benefit from a reading with me so he found me, but possibly he couldn’t afford the reading or he was just waiting for some reason.  So my guides saw that he was going to be at I Can Do It, knew I was going to be there, and knocked me off course from seeing Sonia Choquette so I could go sit near this guy, notice him, get a message, and finally agree to give it to him.  Mysterious ways huh?  I’m sure both our sets of guides were working overtime to make that one happen!

Notice how this could not have happened if I didn’t follow my intuition.  I was all set to see another author speak and my logic told me to stick with the one I had chosen.  But I’ve learned that my intuition can see around corners and my logic can’t.  Steve was even planning to go with me to John Holland but instead got an intuitive urge to go see Bruce Lipton.  If Steve had been sitting with me at John Holland’s workshop I probably wouldn’t have noticed this young man or I may not have partnered up with him during the exercise, which is what gave me my opportunity to speak with him and pass on the message.

It was a powerful reminder to me that intuition and connection with my guides leads to helping others on their paths which helps the planet as a whole.  Powerful experience for me, and probably him as well.  All in a day’s work right? 🙂


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