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Einstein, Elvis, and Gandhi Walk Into a Bar

Is it possible to speak with famous people who have crossed over? Would they be willing to talk to us if we’re just normal, average people who didn’t know them in life? Do they retain their personas and knowledge even on the other side? I’ve written a couple of articles about how I’ve communicated with some deceased celebrities like Anna Nicole Smith, Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger, and Nicole Simpson, but in these cases, the person was killed prematurely, before their time, and they had important and strong messages to convey to their loved ones that I intercepted. None of these

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Have you ever had contact with a deceased celebrity?

Question:  Have you ever channeled a deceased celebrity like Elvis or Marilyn Monroe?  If so, what did they tell you?  Answer:  Isn’t Elvis still alive? 😉  But seriously, I have had some limited contact with celebrities who died but it doesn’t happen often at all.  The first was Nicole Brown Simpson, O.J.’s wife.  It was a very quick communication.  She simply came to me in a dream and said, “OJ killed me.”  That was it.  Now at the time, I wasn’t a medium, or didn’t know I was anyway.  And it’s not like anyone believed anything but that OJ killed Nicole. 

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