Einstein, Elvis, and Gandhi Walk Into a Bar

Is it possible to speak with famous people who have crossed over? Would they be willing to talk to us if we’re just normal, average people who didn’t know them in life? Do they retain their personas and knowledge even on the other side?

I’ve written a couple of articles about how I’ve communicated with some deceased celebrities like Anna Nicole Smith, Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger, and Nicole Simpson, but in these cases, the person was killed prematurely, before their time, and they had important and strong messages to convey to their loved ones that I intercepted. None of these people came to me directly, I was simply able to tune in to their broadcast and hear their tales.

But is it possible to actively and consciously communicate with someone on the other side who held a certain level of notoriety while incarnated? Yes, it’s just as possible as tuning in to your deceased grandmother or the friend who committed suicide. A spirit is a spirit.

However, that doesn’t mean that particular spirit will come to you just because you call. They have to be willing to communicate with you and it’s helpful if there was an energetic connection to them while they were living.

I have experimented with reaching out to certain famous folk, specifically Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mother Teresa. I was able to tune in to their energies successfully, but I wasn’t able to have a long dialogue with them. Rather, it was more that they infused me with a certain energy. Determination. Compassion. Love. And hope. It was actually really powerful, and I carried that energy inside me for days before it dissipated.

One thing to understand is that just because someone is famous here on Earth, doesn’t make them famous on the other side. Fame doesn’t matter over there. Consciousness, wisdom, experience and vibration are what you take with you.

Could you talk to Einstein about your theories? If he’s willing to speak with you, then yes. Could you get Elvis to sing you a song? Probably, you’d have to ask him. Could you ask Gandhi how to handle a conflict with your parents? I’m sure he’d be happy to help. You’ve just got to tune in to their energy and see if they’ll come to you. You’ve got just as much chance of them communicating with you as you would if you called up any random spirit.

Always put yourself in a nice high vibration before you attempt any communication so that you are not deceived by those masquerading as your intended. Have a list of questions ready, but also be ready to receive what they are broadcasting at you. That might be the most important message of all.

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