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Psychic Information
Erin Pavlina

The Nutter Effect

This happens to me a lot. I call it the Nutter Effect. I give a client information from their guides, they don’t resonate with it, they call me a nutter, and move on with their lives, annoyed that they wasted time, money and hope on a crazy psychic.

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Audio Podcast: Being Psychic

Well it’s been a while since I recorded a podcast, but today Steve and I recorded a 96 minute podcast together where we discuss psychic abilities, being psychic, and some of my experiences as I developed into a professional psychic.  We had a lot of fun using a very unscripted, conversational style that I think you’ll enjoy. Steve has posted the podcast on his site.  Read his blog entry to see a list of topics we cover in the program.  We may do something like this again since it was fun and relatively fast. 🙂 Enjoy!

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