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The Nutter Effect

I got an email from a client the other day. I’ll paraphrase for brevity. “You gave me a reading 4 years ago and you told me I was going to make a film about a rare disease and publish it via YouTube. To be honest, after you told me that, I thought you were a nutter. Nothing you said resonated with me at all. I put my notes away and went on with my life. Fast forward four years. My husband became ill with a rare disease and we searched the internet high and low for information and there was barely any. I ended up researching a lot, interviewing doctors all over the world. And I just posted my “film” about it on YouTube. I had forgotten your reading but recently found the shoebox where I had stored my notes. When I read what you had said, I had to sit down. You were right. All along, you were right.”

This happens to me a lot. I call it the Nutter Effect. I give a client information from their guides, they don’t resonate with it, they call me a nutter, and move on with their lives, annoyed that they wasted time, money and hope on a crazy psychic.

Sometimes when I do a reading, a person’s guides will tell them something that makes no sense to them. It sucks. Here we are trying to provide guidance and the client doesn’t resonate at all with the information. But I’ve learned to trust the guides and the information they pass along.

Sometimes the guides tell me in advance, “This won’t resonate with him, but you need to tell him anyway. It will make sense to him later.” And I’ll even preface the information with that. “Your guides know this won’t resonate with you, but they want you to store this information away for later.”

At a workshop, a gal came up to me and said, “In a reading you told me you saw me dancing professionally. I thought you were nuts. I had never danced a day in my life and I had zero interest in dancing. When I told my friends about the reading, they thought you were nuts too. Frankly, we had a very low opinion of you. But one day I went on a date and the guy wanted to take me dancing. I fell in love with dancing. Today I teach dancing for a dance company and I also enter dance competitions. I’m sorry I doubted you.”

Happens to me ALL the time. Because I’ve been doing readings for many years now, a lot of the people I’ve read for have had time to see this “nutty” information actually come to pass.

One of the more powerful experiences I had with this was when I read for a woman who dearly wanted to have a baby. She and her husband had been trying for a very long time with no success. During the reading, her guides showed me 2 spirits that wanted to incarnate with her, and I was given “6 months” as the time frame. So I told my client this and also passed along information to try some fertility treatments. She said fertility treatments in her country were a rare thing but she would try to convince her husband to give it a go.

Fast forward to later in the year and she sends me an email. “We decided to try the fertility treatments even though they are very expensive. I got pregnant exactly 6 months after our reading, Erin. To the DAY! Except there were three babies. So I thought you were off by one. But one of our babies died in utero very early and now I’m carrying twins. Thank you for the guidance. You are amazing!”

I have to admit that even I was shocked and impressed with the accuracy of that reading. The guides are GOOD!

I’m sure there are clients out there who are still trying to make sense of the crazy information their guides have given them. But be patient and have faith. The guides can see things we can’t.

This doesn’t mean that everything guides say will come to pass. What the guides give me are intentions, not guarantees. They’ve got a plan, and we can step gracefully into that plan, or go kicking and screaming. We can cause ourselves to be delayed, and we can even say no to the plan. It’s always our choice.

But I think one of the biggest benefits of having a reading with a reputable intuitive is to get an idea of what the guides have planned. And then we can decide, consciously, whether it’s something we resonate with and want, or something we don’t want.

The work that I do is very rewarding. Being able to tune in to someone’s guides still feels like magic to me, even though I’ve done it thousands of times. I have to deal with the occasional upset client who calls me names, but I stand by the information I relay. I’ve done this work long enough to know that the Nutter Effect is temporary. 🙂

If you want to know what your guides have planned for you, book a session with me.

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