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Intention vs. Plans

In last week’s article, God’s Plan for You, I told you that nothing is pre-ordained. Once you arrive on planet Earth your experience here is about the choices you make. I got a lot of questions about that article. Many agreed with it and understood the concept completely. Others felt like I was contradicting myself because in previous articles I’ve talked about how your higher self has plans for you that your spirit guides help to carry out. I spent a good while responding to individual emails and posts on my Facebook wall and decided I didn’t do a good

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Why don’t multiple psychics give the exact same predictions and information?

Question: Hey, Erin, I’ve been to 5 different psychics to get information about my love life, and I’ve gotten basically 5 different answers. Three said love was coming, one said no one was coming, and one said someone was coming in 2 years. What am I supposed to do with this information? Are they all fake? Were some real? How do I know which are which? – Harrashi Answer: How many psychics does it take to completely confuse you and cause you to stop in your tracks? Why don’t psychics agree on what’s going to happen to someone? How are

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