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Why don’t multiple psychics give the exact same predictions and information?

Question: Hey, Erin, I’ve been to 5 different psychics to get information about my love life, and I’ve gotten basically 5 different answers. Three said love was coming, one said no one was coming, and one said someone was coming in 2 years. What am I supposed to do with this information? Are they all fake? Were some real? How do I know which are which? – Harrashi

Answer: How many psychics does it take to completely confuse you and cause you to stop in your tracks? Why don’t psychics agree on what’s going to happen to someone? How are you supposed to know what to do if your psychics don’t all agree? Here’s my advice:

Stop giving your power away!!

Never give your power to a psychic (or anyone else for that matter). Going to a professional intuitive to get insight, wisdom and information isn’t a bad thing as long as you remember that your fate and your path are entirely your responsibility. Go to a psychic for information and options, but not for a prediction.

Most trajectories can be changed, so if a psychic tells you something WILL happen, whether it actually DOES happen is largely determined by how close the incident is to happening and how many other free willed people are involved.

For example, during readings with my client I have sometimes seen a pregnancy that is occurring right at that moment. Sometimes even my clients don’t yet know they are pregnant.

During other readings I will see a major health crisis that is about to hit someone hard and be life-threatening. I can see that with certainty because it is in progress.

I can tell if someone you’ve just started dating is a good match for you. I can tell if someone you’ve been married to for 20 years is still a good match or not.

I can tell if you are in a financial crisis and how to get out of it, but I can’t tell you if you’re going to win the lottery or what numbers to play.

If an 18 year old student asks me what his career path is GOING to be, I will see options, not certainties. When this student asks about career paths, I might see 10 different options. However, what makes a reading valuable is that I can also see which options lead to happiness, fulfillment, and purpose, and I can tell a client how to get onto that path and make it a success. Will they then go out and choose that path and be a success? That’s up to them, not me.

A psychic cannot make you walk your path, she can only hand you the map with a circled destination. It’s up to you to decide you’ll walk the path, to gear up appropriately, and not to get distracted along the way.

So if you ask 5 different psychics what’s going to happen to your love life they should tell you how to obtain the relationship that is best for you, or they should tell you why you’re not a vibrational match for a relationship at this point in time. They should give you insight and information.

But receiving an actual prediction sounds amazing doesn’t it? “On Sunday, March 11, at the local Starbucks you will run into Mr. Right! He’ll be tall, dark, and handsome, and holding a soy latte. Go get him, Tiger!” But when a psychic does that, she is doing a horrible disservice to her clients. She is robbing them of their power. What if Mr. Right comes along sooner and you’re not looking for him? What if on March 11 your handy dandy soul mate gets into a car accident and doesn’t get to Starbucks in time? Is it over for you?

Your spirit guides are always working on your behalf to urge, guide, and nudge circumstances and people into position, but it’s not a science. Free will can screw up even the most well-planned “chance” meeting. 😉 A psychic is tuning in to your guides to relay some information that might help this chance meeting take place. So a psychic can be very valuable to help you avoid wasting time, effort, and energy (and sometimes money) doing something that does not lead to a desired outcome.

The best approach to use with a psychic is not to ask her what’s going to happen, but to instead ask, “What do my guides most need me to know to help me on my path?” That’s the question I ask people’s guides during a reading. That’s the one that gives my client the most powerful answer.

If you absolutely need to know what’s going to happen every single day of your life then you’re letting life own you. You have free will and you can make your own destiny.

And to answer the original question most succinctly, the reason that multiple psychics don’t give the exact same predictions is because they are choosing one path and presenting it like it’s the only path. It sounds cool, but it’s not the best way to present information.

Find a psychic who empowers you and helps you navigate the path, not one who wants to strip you of your power.

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