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A Good Cup of Soup

A couple of weeks ago I met a man who completely blew my mind. He was a male in his 70’s who had lost everything he owned in a fire just 3 hours earlier. Most of the time when I’m assisting victims of fire, they are scared, sad, anxious, and devastated. But not this man. I was immediately taken by his energy. He was upbeat and positive. As I began asking him questions, it came to light that he had an annual income of less than $10,000, he lived alone, and walked with a cane. I could also see that

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What We Wish For

I took a walk in the park this week with my son Kyle who is 9 years old. We were on the sidewalk circumnavigating a big patch of beautiful grass. At one point, he stopped and said, “Wait right here you lovely person, because I can’t wait another minute. I must go frolic in the grass! I’ll only be a moment.” And he ran off and started running through the grass in the most lovely and abandoned way that children do. When he came back he had two sticks in his hand and handed me one and said, “This is

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