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What We Wish For

I took a walk in the park this week with my son Kyle who is 9 years old. We were on the sidewalk circumnavigating a big patch of beautiful grass. At one point, he stopped and said, “Wait right here you lovely person, because I can’t wait another minute. I must go frolic in the grass! I’ll only be a moment.”

And he ran off and started running through the grass in the most lovely and abandoned way that children do. When he came back he had two sticks in his hand and handed me one and said, “This is your wand. We’re going to grant people wishes when they walk past us.”

I said, “How will we know what they want? Are we going to ask them?”

He said, “No, we don’t need to ask them. We’re just going to grant them happiness, because that’s what everyone is really wishing for deep down.”

I gave that some thought and realized he was right. All the things we wish for are really an attempt to bring us happiness aren’t they? Think about what you’re wishing for right now.

Are you wishing for money? Is that because you equate financial abundance with happiness?

Are you wishing for love? Is that because you believe that being loved will make you happy?

Are you wishing for solutions to your problems? Or for your goals to be achieved?

We want to be happy.

And we chase happiness all over the place, don’t we? We try to create it. We try to mold our environment to support it. We try to force things to happen to make us happy. We put conditions on happiness, “I’ll be happy when ….” Or “I’ll only be happy if ….”

But the reality is that happiness is ours to claim anytime we wish it. Happiness is a feeling. And feelings can be generated from inside us, even when there are no “real” reasons to feel happy.

How many times have you heard or read a story of a person who maintained their happiness in the face of what others would easily consider a horrible tragedy or adversity? That’s because no matter what is happening to us, we can choose to be happy. It may not always be easy. It may not always feel justified. But it’s always our choice.

So you can grant yourself the wish of being happy any time you want to. Be happy for no reason. Spend some part of each day in a state of total happiness, even if just for a minute. If you’re having trouble finding your happiness, look for it under the blanket of gratitude. Think of 10 things you’re grateful for. Happiness will follow. Or use one of my methods for raising your vibration in less than ten minutes. Happiness is in there too.

As I concluded my walk with Kyle he said, “I wish we could grant this wish for everyone on the planet.”

I replied, “I do too, kiddo.”

Get out your magic wand and make the wish for yourself right now. You have the power to be happy if you choose it. You choose your perspective, you choose your emotions. If you’re not used to exercising that choice, then start now. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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