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Near Death Experiences That Take Place in Hell

There has been an explosion of books and stories written about people who are having near death experiences. In most cases, the stories are quite positive. However, some NDE’ers are having hellish experiences where they report being dragged to hell, tortured, burned, and attacked by devlish beings or demons. So what gives? Is there a light at the end of the tunnel or a pitchfork? I have a theory. I can’t prove this theory, but this is the theory I’m proposing. First, as a medium, I have never spoken to a deceased relative who was in hell. That in and

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In League with Satan

Sometimes I get emails from people who are very urgently trying to warn me that the work I’m doing comes from Satan, not God. They let me know that the spirit guides I *think* I’m speaking with are just demons or Satan in disguise. They quote a few Bible verses at me, they tell me to find Jesus, and they warn me that my soul is at stake. Some even make death threats because their God has told them to smite the psychics and mediums. When I first got these emails, years ago, it distressed me. I wrote back to

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Growing Up Without Religion

Even though I am technically Jewish, born to two Jewish parents, I am not religious at all, nor was I raised religiously.  We celebrated Jewish holidays more for the festive, fun, family atmosphere than out of any adherence to a certain faith.  The only time we went to Temple was for other people’s weddings or Bar Mitzvahs.  On really rare occasions my parents would take us to Temple on Children’s Night, because all kids would receive crayons and coloring books during the Rabbi’s sermon, but my parents would park us in the back row, far away from the guy in

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