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Near Death Experiences That Take Place in Hell

There has been an explosion of books and stories written about people who are having near death experiences. In most cases, the stories are quite positive.

However, some NDE’ers are having hellish experiences where they report being dragged to hell, tortured, burned, and attacked by devlish beings or demons.

So what gives? Is there a light at the end of the tunnel or a pitchfork?

I have a theory. I can’t prove this theory, but this is the theory I’m proposing.

First, as a medium, I have never spoken to a deceased relative who was in hell. That in and of itself is not proof of the absence of hell. Maybe the Devil doesn’t allow deceased people to talk to their living loved ones.

Second, during all of my astral experiences, although I have encountered some really nasty low vibrational entities, I have never encountered a being that I would consider the Devil and I have never encountered a plane that I would label as hell. Again, that is not evidence of absence, but I want to throw that out there.

Third, everything I know about the universe, where we come from, who we come from, and how the afterlife works, makes me firmly believe everyone goes to the same place after they die. We don’t have to call it heaven or hell. It’s the ether, it’s Home, it’s Source. There is no gray-haired, bearded white man judging you.

That being said, what does it mean that people report a near death experience where they leave their bodies and go to hell?

This is my theory…

NDE’ers who believe they have gone to hell are actually having an astral encounter with a being who wants to put them in a place of fear so they can feed off them. They use their fear of hell against them, to create the sensation, feeling, or illusion that the person is in hell. In short, they’re having a bad astral trip.

You see, here’s the thing. When you are having a near death experience, what’s happening is that your soul is preparing to leave your body. Just like in astral projection, which is where your soul consciously leaves your body, your soul exits the body but is still tethered to it by the astral cord.

A person only dies when their astral cord is severed. If you come back, you didn’t completely die.

Therefore, when people are near death, they may leave their bodies in preparation for the cord to be cut. While they are out, hovering between life and death, they may encounter lower vibrational entities or higher vibrational beings.

If a person actually died and went to hell, they wouldn’t be able to come back and talk about it, except potentially through a medium. So right now I believe these experiences are really bad astral trips.

I’m fascinated and intrigued by the reports of people who are having hellish or nightmarish near death experiences and intend to research this more. If you are someone who has experienced this please get in contact with me and share your story.

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