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5 Ways to Make Meditating More Effective

Do you meditate? If so, how often? I know some people who meditate daily at the same time and place without fail, and I know people who only meditate when they want to connect with their spirit guides to get an answer to a life question. Meditation is a powerful tool you can use to get clarity in your life, peace in your heart, and wisdom in your soul. It can assist you in clearing up health problems, and help you raise your vibration. I highly encourage you to learn how to meditate if you’ve never done so. If you

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How to Quiet Distracting Thoughts During Meditation

When you meditate do you find your mind wandering so much that you lose the meditative connection you’re trying to build?  Do your thoughts run something like this:  What should I make for dinner?  I wonder if Joey forgot his lunchbox.  Don’t forget to pay the electric bill today.  Oh where was I? Right, I was climbing my celestial staircase to talk to my guides.  Must pay attention.  36, 37, 38… Oh shoot, I forgot to pick up Bill’s dry cleaning.  He’s going to be pissed.  Maybe I’ll have time to get it between my tennis game and lunch… Distracting

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Guided Meditation as a Tool for Speaking with Spirit Guides

One of the best ways to connect with your spirit guides (or other beings for that matter) is to use guided meditation.  Many times during my intuitive readings people tell me they’ve tried meditating to commune with their guides but nothing happens.  Invariably they’re making a classic mistake.  I ask, “When you do this meditation, are you sitting in silence, quieting and clearing your mind, and being in the now?”  They reply, “Yes,” to which I reply, “Ah, that’s where you went wrong.” You see, when you meditate to the point where your mind is totally silent, you’re actually blocking

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