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Guided Meditation as a Tool for Speaking with Spirit Guides

One of the best ways to connect with your spirit guides (or other beings for that matter) is to use guided meditation.  Many times during my intuitive readings people tell me they’ve tried meditating to commune with their guides but nothing happens.  Invariably they’re making a classic mistake.  I ask, “When you do this meditation, are you sitting in silence, quieting and clearing your mind, and being in the now?”  They reply, “Yes,” to which I reply, “Ah, that’s where you went wrong.”

You see, when you meditate to the point where your mind is totally silent, you’re actually blocking communication with your guides.  It’s like they look down and say, “Shh, she’s meditating.  Everyone be quiet.”  It’s like putting a Do Not Disturb sign on your door.  They respect your space, your silence.

There’s nothing wrong with meditating to find your center, in total peace and quiet, with your mind totally blank, but it’s not a good tool for communication with your guides.  The goal is not to quiet your mind but to open it, to expand it, to prepare it to receive higher frequency communication.  But what of stray thoughts that threaten to derail you?  We’ll take care of those nasty buggers in a minute.

When you first begin meditating it’s quite common for unwanted thoughts to enter your mind.  “Did I feed the cat yet?”  “How am I going to get that proposal done by tomorrow?”  “I think I’ll make tofu tonight for dinner.”  And on and on it goes.  It’s like you’ve got a personal secretary in your mind running through your To Do list.  The goal is to move past these thoughts, to give your mind something else to think about.

Guided meditation is the way to achieve this.  With a guided meditation you are focusing your mind instead of quieting it.  You’re focusing on raising your vibration so you no longer hear the chatter of your day to day concerns.   You leave the ego behind and step into your super consciousness.

A guided meditation is usually sort of allegorical.  “You’re walking along a beach and you see a sea shell.  You hold it up to your ear and you can hear the whooshing sounds of the ocean.  You lay down on the warm sand and feel the heat of the sun on your body.  You look out upon the glistening waves crashing on the shore.  You smell the salt in the air.”  What this does is to get you out of your daily thoughts and into your sensory thoughts.  From there, it’s a short step to connecting with conscious energies, also known as, your guides.

You can buy a guided meditation CD, download one onto your Ipod, or you can have a partner guide you through the meditation.  You can even guide yourself.  Put on some relaxation or meditation music and guide yourself through a scene.  Maybe you’re in a garden examining the foliage and flowers with all your senses.  Maybe you’re walking through a forest when you come upon a cottage.  Or maybe you’re flying through the sky with an eagle as your guide.  The sky’s the limit, really, since this is all happening in your mind.

Once you’ve successfully disconnected from your ego and the day to day task list, it’s time to invite your guides to come speak with you.  Find a comfy spot in your “world” and invite them to come sit with you.  Maybe one guide will show up, maybe five will come.  Maybe you’ll see an animal, or maybe you’ll see a deceased relative.  Maybe your higher self will show up or maybe your 5-year-old self will make an appearance.  Start chatting.

Yes, at first it’s going to feel like you’re talking to yourself.  That’s fine.  Just keep going.  “Imagine” the whole conversation if that’s the frame you need to have.  As you keep going, though, I think you’ll find that the communication gets deeper and stronger.  Soon, what they are saying to you will not feel like it’s coming from your own mind, but someone else’s.  Maintain the connection as long as you can.  When you’re done, say goodbye, and slowly bring your mind back to the present. 

I personally love guided meditations, especially when someone else is guiding me through them.  I can just free my mind instead of being a slave to my daily thoughts.

Give it a try on your own and see what results you get.  At the very least you’ll be relaxed and vibrating at a higher frequency than before.  At best, you’ll get wisdom and insights from your guides that will help you navigate your way through your life maze.  Keep trying different methods until you find the one that works best for you.

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