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Beware the Psychic

Beware the psychic telling you only what you want to hear. An ethical psychic will tell you what you need to hear. I’ll never forget the 60-year old woman I read for who had no income and no desire to get a job. When I asked her why, she said a psychic in California told her she would win the lottery and that a prince from Europe would marry her. She was quite excited about this prospect, so she stopped working, believing that her money troubles would magically fix themselves in short order. When I told her what she needed

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Anatomy of a Psychic Scam

In a previous article, Avoid This Common Psychic Scam, I wrote about how some people will try to scam innocent folks out of their money by claiming there is a negative entity or curse on you that only they can fix and it will cost you tons of money. They reel you in by giving you some free information so you trust them, and then they hit you with the dreaded “you are cursed” claim and tell you about all the bad things that will happen to you if you don’t let them remove the curse. Still, I continue to

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Avoid This Common Psychic Scam

I’m writing this article in the hopes of preventing people from being ripped off by a common psychic scam technique.  I receive many emails from people who fall victim to this scam and want to know if they got ripped off or not.  Here is how the scenario usually goes down. You go to a cheap psychic, the kind that charge like $5 or $10.  You think, “What the heck?  It’s only a few bucks.”  You listen as the psychic tells you astoundingly accurate things about yourself.  But at the end of the reading, this con artist tells you that

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