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Beware the Psychic

Beware the psychic telling you only what you want to hear. An ethical psychic will tell you what you need to hear.

I’ll never forget the 60-year old woman I read for who had no income and no desire to get a job. When I asked her why, she said a psychic in California told her she would win the lottery and that a prince from Europe would marry her. She was quite excited about this prospect, so she stopped working, believing that her money troubles would magically fix themselves in short order.

When I told her what she needed to do to get her life back on track and start earning an income, she became very upset with me. She told me I was a fraud.

I understand why she railed against me. Her desire to have wealth just drop into her lap was a dream she was unwilling to give up. But the consequences of her actions had led her to the point where she could not even buy groceries. She had given all her power to this prophecy.

I asked her if she bought lottery tickets. She said no. I asked her how she intended to win a lottery she never even played. She said it wasn’t her problem to figure that out. The prediction would come true regardless. I asked her if she knew any royalty from Europe, or if she was planning a trip there. She said no, that she hardly ever left the house. I asked her how a prince would even find her or know she existed. She again said the prediction would handle the details.

I was frustrated. And I was really annoyed at the pay-by-the-minute phone psychic in California who preyed on this woman. Because of this random prediction, my poor client stopped working and fell into a financial struggle that would be really difficult to recover from.

Nothing I said to her about the unlikelihood of this prediction coming true was sinking in. Her guides were as frustrated as I was. Finally she agreed to start working a little while she was waiting for her prince and the call from the lottery board. She decided that she would need new clothes if she was to attract her prince.

Is it possible that this woman was destined to win the lottery and marry a European prince? Uh sure, anything is possible.

The job of a psychic is to relay and interpret the messages your guides are trying to send you, not promise you a fantasy, not take your power away, not make decisions for you.

The most powerful question you can ask a psychic is “What do my guides most want me to know to help me on my path?” An ethical and good psychic will hand you the map and discuss the hazards coming up on the road so you can traverse the trail prepared. Beware the psychic who asks for all your water while promising a helicopter will come in a moment to whisk you to the top of the mountain. You will wait a long time for rescue and be quite thirsty while you wait.

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