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How can you help someone remember that they knew you in a past life?

Question: Is it possible to meet someone who you’ve already met in a past life and feel drawn to their soul, like they have something special, but they feel nothing about you? Is it really a karmic reunion or just an illusion ? And if it really is a reunion, how can you make him/her remember? – Rury Answer: yes, it’s possible to meet people in this life whom you knew in a past life and you recognize them but they don’t recognize you. It happens all the time. If you are very spiritually open, if you have strong intuition,

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Soul Mates vs Soul Connections
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Erin Pavlina

Soul Mates vs. Soul Connections

How many times have you heard the word “soul mate” thrown around in conversation? “Oh, he’s definitely my soul mate.” “When will I meet my soul mate?” It’s probably one of the top 10 questions a psychic is asked. Inwardly I cringe if I’m doing an intuitive reading with someone and they ask me, “Is this guy I’m dating my soul mate?” This question is cringe worthy because it shows me that the asker isn’t aware of the difference between a soul mate and having a soul connection with someone. Growing up I fell victim to the same belief because

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