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How can you help someone remember that they knew you in a past life?

Question: Is it possible to meet someone who you’ve already met in a past life and feel drawn to their soul, like they have something special, but they feel nothing about you? Is it really a karmic reunion or just an illusion ? And if it really is a reunion, how can you make him/her remember? – Rury

Answer: yes, it’s possible to meet people in this life whom you knew in a past life and you recognize them but they don’t recognize you. It happens all the time. If you are very spiritually open, if you have strong intuition, and if you’re on the lookout, you will more likely remember or notice when you encounter someone whom you loved in a past life.

It’s nice when the other person remembers as well, but much of the time they do not. They may not be in tune with their intuition in this life. If you can help them open up to their spirituality, to Source, and to intuition, it’s possible they will remember or begin to feel that energetic connection that you’re feeling.

But don’t be terribly disappointed if they do not. If we were meant to remember, we would remember easily. If you can remember, consider yourself lucky and gifted. Connect and interact with your lost soul connections but don’t judge them if they can’t remember you.

Sometimes you’ll connect with someone that does remember, and it’s a fantastic feeling. It’s like reuniting with a long lost lover (or child, or parent, or good friend) from the past. Cherish the connection and feelings that come up. Chances are good you two have business to attend to in this life.

But enjoy getting to know who they are now, don’t just remember who they used to be. And just because you meet someone who was your lover in a past life doesn’t mean they intend to connect with you in the same way in this life. Let the relationship be what it wants to be. Don’t force anything or have expectations based on past connections.

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