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How to Help Someone Who Is Considering Suicide

I was 25 years old when the news reported that the lead singer of Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, had killed himself. I remember thinking, “Wow, that guy had fame and fortune and was still so unhappy that he took his own life. If someone with his lot in life couldn’t be happy, who could?” Fast forward a couple of decades and I understand suicide a lot better now. I am in the somewhat unique position of being able to speak to people on the other side who have committed suicide. And I have done countless readings for clients who are suicidal

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Coming Home

Imagine you’re at a park, playing on the swings, the slides, in the sand, and there’s a bunch of other people at the park as well. Maybe you’re playing alone. Maybe you’re there with friends. You’re having a great time exploring, playing, and experiencing the park. But one of your friends interrupts your play and says, “Shoot guys, it’s getting late. I need to go home now.” What do you do? Do you say, “Oh okay, cool. It was great hanging out with you. Hope to see you at the park again soon. Have a great trip home!” Or do

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Battling the Desire to Suicide

In my work as an intuitive counselor I read for many people who are suicidal or simply want to be dead. When I tune in to their energy I see little pinpricks of light in their chakras. The light is dying, going out. Their will to live is fading. I’ve had some clients say to me, “Literally this is the last phone call before I kill myself. You’ve got 30 minutes to convince me to stay alive. Go.” I am not remotely daunted by this situation, nor do I feel undue pressure to perform. In every reading I do, I

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Channeling and Spirits
Erin Pavlina

The Afterlife Experience for Those Who Suicide

Recently people have asked me what life is like on the other side for people who commit suicide. I’ve written about the Spiritual Consequences of Suicide in another article, so today I’ll discuss what I’ve seen and what I understand about life among those who suicide.

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The Death of My Ex-Boyfriend

In past blog entries I’ve alluded to and mentioned an abusive relationship I was in during my late teen years.  Today I’m going to share the entire story of that relationship because it has reached its conclusion; that thread in my tapestry is complete.  About six weeks ago I got word from a friend that my abusive boyfriend committed suicide during a police stand-off in Portland, Oregon.  He was just 3 months shy of his 40th birthday.  I share this story because it involved quite a spiritual journey for me.  I am hoping that by sharing this story I can

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