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The Afterlife Experience for Those Who Suicide

Recently people have asked me what life is like on the other side for people who commit suicide. I’ve written about the Spiritual Consequences of Suicide in another article, so today I’ll discuss what I’ve seen and what I understand about life among those who suicide.

Do suicide victims go to Hell?
This is the number one question people ask me. If I thought my loved one was going to Hell I’d ask that question too! Religion appears to doom people to Hell if they take their own life. I guess it’s considered a sin. Suiciders (sorry had to make up a word) do not go to Hell. At least, not the Christian Hell with the devil, the eternal torture, and decaf.

Hell is a state of mind. So technically you could put yourself in a self-imposed Hell if you are suffering from guilt, shame, and if you fear judgment. I don’t recommend it, but some people insist on doing this to themselves. If you do find yourself in Hell you’ll want to beat a hasty retreat. Read up on How To Get Out of Hell.

Bottom line here is that no one is relegated to Hell for ending his life. If during your Life Review you feel you’ve done so much wrong that you can’t be forgiven, you are free to flog yourself for eternity, but it is neither required nor necessary, and I don’t recommend it. Forgive yourself instead, learn from your mistakes, and move on.

Do suiciders linger or cross over?
I’ve encountered both.

I’ve been in contact with people who killed themselves, shed their mortal coil, sloughed off their ego, and bounced happily and merrily into the light to greet friends and family on the other side. The commonalities I’ve seen in this group are people who understand in advance that suicide is not a sin, who understand or are aware of how things work on the other side, and those who are not ashamed or feel guilty about ending their life prematurely. They cross over happily and easily.

I’ve also been in contact with suiciders who linger, who refuse to go into the light because of fear, shame or guilt. They don’t want to be judged. So they hang on as long as they can, usually by attaching themselves to a family member and using their energy to stay connected to Earth.

Others realize they made a mistake and are desperate to get back to their bodies, so they hang on for a bit too. Some linger to get forgiveness from their living loved ones, or in an attempt to ease their loved ones’ pain. Some linger because they’re still carrying depression and can’t slough it off.

Who helps or manages suiciders?
Those who suicide and linger are not alone. Not by a long shot. There are angels hovering around them to help them heal and cross over. And the angels guard them so they are not disturbed by other beings hanging around on the same plane. The angels try to help them forgive themselves so they can cross over peacefully.

How can you best help a suicide?
I know that when someone commits suicide it can create feelings of anger towards them. That’s very normal. If you think your loved one is lingering, you can help them cross over completely by forgiving them, releasing your anger, and sending them love. When you’re ready.

For those who are lingering out of fear, you can also encourage them to go to Source. God/Source will gladly accept them back into the light. After all, we are all pieces of Source energy and we may return at any time. Send them love and reassurance that they will be received with open arms.

Are they suffering?
Some of the suiciders who linger do appear to be suffering emotionally. Again, this is unnecessary and hopefully will not last long. But I have encountered some spirits who replay and repeat the misery in their lives over and over again and continue to wallow in depression, despair, and emotional turmoil until they can be crossed over by the angels. If you suspect your loved one is in this state, it is even more important to help them cross over by talking to them, encouraging them to go into the light, and to forgive themselves.

What sort of signs do suiciders send to their loved ones?
Pretty much the same signs you’ll get from any deceased loved one trying to get your attention.

  • You might feel their presence near you
  • Their special song comes on the radio when you’re thinking about them
  • Clock stops
  • Electrical disturbances for no apparent reason
  • Pictures or photographs get knocked over
  • Smelling their scent

But the big one is they’ll come to you in your dreams or while you’re meditating. You can talk to a deceased loved one at any time. To hear or see their response, you’ll need to be dreaming, meditating, or have mediumistic abilities. Even if you can’t hear or see them, still talk to them as it will help them cross over. If you really need to know what’s happening or you want to make sure your loved one is receiving your messages, you can book a reading with a medium.

Do suiciders regret their suicide?
Regret is the number one emotion I sense in the people who come to me during readings. However, I am usually connecting with the ones who do regret their passing, so I wouldn’t say that all suiciders regret their act. In fact, I’ve connected with at least 3 suiciders that I can recall who basically said, “Welp, that life sucked. No big. Ready to move on and try something else.” They really take it in stride.

Regret comes when they realize there were other ways to handle their problems that they simply couldn’t see while alive and in the thick of it.

The game of life
Remember that life is like a game. You make a character, start the game, and do the best you can with the resources you get. If you get to a point where playing the game is simply too painful, you can choose to stop playing. Sometimes you don’t realize that help was a phone call away, or right around the corner, but it’s not the end of the world.

Suiciding does leave a hole in the lives of those other characters you were interacting with, the ones who love you, and would have helped you if they could. So before you consider suicide, always ask for help. If you do find yourself at the end of your rope (literally) at the very least cross over with love and forgiveness in your heart. There really is no need to beat yourself up for your decision. And avoid Hell. Decaf sucks. 😉

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