Where Do Pets Go When They Die?

On Monday, September 30, 2013, my family had to put down our beloved cat, Crystal, because she was in advanced liver failure due to cancer. She was just 7 years old and we only had her for a couple of years. It was heartbreaking. When I posted the news on my Facebook wall people expressed… Read On

How many questions are answered once we die?

Today continues a series of quick answers to quick questions. I’ve received hundreds of Ask Erin questions in the last few months and decided to just start answering them one per day until I tire of this sport or run out of questions. Enjoy! Question: How many questions are answered once we die do you… Read On

What Happens After the Afterlife?

I’ve discussed in many blog entries what happens when you die, how you cross over, have your life review, and are greeted by family and other loved ones.  But then what?  What happens next?  After you transition to your new (after)life, what do you do all day?  Sit around on clouds?  Watch loved ones watch… Read On

Have you ever foreseen your sitter’s death in a reading?

Question: Have you ever given a reading and learned that the person was going to die soon?  If that happened, would you tell the person? Answer:  I’ve done readings with people where I could see one of their close loved ones was going to die, and I’ve done readings that contained dire warnings for my… Read On