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Have you ever foreseen your sitter’s death in a reading?

Question: Have you ever given a reading and learned that the person was going to die soon?  If that happened, would you tell the person?

Answer:  I’ve done readings with people where I could see one of their close loved ones was going to die, and I’ve done readings that contained dire warnings for my sitters about health situations that needed urgent attention or death might follow, but so far I haven’t foreseen an actual death of my sitter.

The first time I saw death looming closely was a very unfortunate situation because I was reading for a bride at her bachelorette party.  How’s that for festive?  The very first thing I received from her guides was that one of her soon-to-be husband’s relatives was going to die from cancer that had spread throughout his body.  I had to pause for a minute to consult with my own guides as I had never seen something like this before.  I asked them if I was supposed to share this news.  They told me that I wouldn’t have received the info if I wasn’t supposed to share it.  I asked the bride-to-be when the wedding was going to take place.  She said 3 months.  I knew the guy would be dead before then.  I saw he had maybe 6-8 weeks left if he really hung on.  So I very politely said, “How important is it to you that this person sees you guys get married?”  She said it was very important.  So I said, “Then you may want to go to a Justice of the Peace and let him witness your official marriage, and then go ahead with the wedding in 3 months.”  She nodded and said, “I understand.  Thank you for telling me.”  It was a tough situation.  A couple of months later I got word that this person had in fact died before the wedding.  I was told they appreciated the warning.

I’ve accurately foreseen the imminent death of a loved one maybe a dozen times, so it certainly doesn’t happen that often.  In all cases that I’m aware of, my client appreciated having the foreknowledge so they could do what they needed to do and say their goodbyes before it was too late.

One of the covenants I’ve made with the guides is to pass on all the information they give me.  So if someone asks me if they are going to die I will get an answer and I will pass it on to my sitter.  So don’t ask me a question you don’t want answered.

I recall in one reading an older woman, probably 70 years old, asked me if she was going to die soon.  The guides told me it looked like she had a good 15 years to go.  I told her and she started sobbing.  She said, “No no no.  I want to go now!  I can’t live without my husband.  Isn’t there some way to hasten my passing?”  That was unexpected.  I had to go back to the guides and get some more information for her.  She had not completed her journey and there were some lessons she still needed to complete.  Obviously we have free will and, if she wanted to, she could easily hasten her demise by taking up any number of deleterious behaviors like smoking, drug abuse, alcoholism, or even suicide.

I’ve also done readings where I see a health problem for my sitter right off the bat.  Usually career and relationship advice comes through first, so when I get a health situation for my sitter it’s usually dire or urgent.  I always tell my sitter what I’m seeing, but I’m not a medical intuitive so I don’t always get good details.  If a psychic is well versed in medicine, they will usually be better at passing on detailed health information.  So I do the best I can with my limited knowledge.  I can usually pinpoint if an issue is hormonal, structural, muscular, chemical, etc. and the location of the source of the problem like endocrine system, nervous system, brain, kidney, liver, etc.

If I saw that my sitter was actually going to die I would want to at least address it.  If their death was due to illness, chances are good the sitter already has a clue about their condition.  I would simply ask them if they’d done everything they could to save themselves and offer any help from the other side that the sitter may not have considered. 

But what about accidents or murder?  Can I foresee that?  In one reading I told this lovely woman that I saw an old boyfriend with a gun coming back to potentially kill her.  I got the impression he was an abusive boyfriend from her past and was actively stalking her or trying to find her.  She admitted she had an abusive boyfriend and that he had threatened her life repeatedly, but that she had gone underground, moved, and hid all her private information so he couldn’t find her.  I was very worried because the information was coming through so strongly.  She appreciated the warning but sort of blew it off as unlikely.  Not a week goes by and she emails me to tell me this boyfriend ran into one of her friends in a grocery store and casually asked the friend where my sitter was living, and her friend told the guy!  She hightailed it out of town as soon as she heard.  Did she prevent her own murder?  I ended up doing 3 readings for this woman over a one year period and as far as I know, she’s still alive.

I don’t recall ever getting information about an impending accident, like a car accident.  Maybe car accidents are more likely to be cosmic accidents as well.  I think it’s easier to detect an impending fatality when it’s an illness that is already gripping someone.

The bottom line for me is that I open a channel to a person’s guides and I pass on whatever information they give me.  That’s the promise I’ve made; not to filter or dilute information that I don’t think a person is ready to hear.  I’ve had to learn ways to gently and sensitively say things to people.  All part of the job I suppose.  And I’ve gotten better at it over time.

A psychic reading is no guarantee though.  Sometimes foreknowledge of impending death is not something the guides are offering; it’s not something you’re supposed to know.  But if I hear about it, I will tell you.

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