How many questions are answered once we die?

Today continues a series of quick answers to quick questions. I’ve received hundreds of Ask Erin questions in the last few months and decided to just start answering them one per day until I tire of this sport or run out of questions. Enjoy!

Question: How many questions are answered once we die do you think? Years ago, I used to say to myself, “I almost can’t wait to die, because these questions I have are driving me mad!” But seriously, what do you think? – Brandon

Answer: I’m not sure exactly how many questions get answered because in my current position and density, I don’t have access to the entirety of the universe. What I do know is that when we cross over we gain a much much better perspective about life here on Earth. We can see the bigger picture, we can see how we’re all connected, we remember things we couldn’t remember while here, we interact in ways we can’t interact here, we get knowledge we don’t have here, we meet beings we can’t detect while here, and so much more.

Like you, when I was a child I was driven to find out what happens after we die. I wanted to just pop over to the ether for a minute, download the answers, and come back. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way and we’ll just have to wait. But along the journey, we can shove aside the veil to some extent. We can communicate with the deceased, visit the astral plane, view past lives, talk to our spirit guides, interact with angels, etc. but no one seems to be giving away the whole enchilada.

While we are incarnated, we are looking through a lens that we can’t remove, so everything we experience will be filtered by that lens. When you cross over you will be pleased to learn what you’d been missing, but I suspect that even in THAT state there will be new questions about the nature of reality.

So enjoy where you are and what you’ve got. For now.

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