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Where Do Pets Go When They Die?

On Monday, September 30, 2013, my family had to put down our beloved cat, Crystal, because she was in advanced liver failure due to cancer. She was just 7 years old and we only had her for a couple of years. It was heartbreaking. When I posted the news on my Facebook wall people expressed their condolences and shared some of their own stories of losing an animal companion.

I was touched by the love and empathy of my readers, many of whom were preparing to let their animals go too due to illness or advanced age. I get a lot of questions from my readers about where animals go when they die. I decided this was a good time to talk about it as it is so obviously on my mind right now.

When I first started out as a professional intuitive, sometimes deceased people would come through during a reading and communicate with my clients. I really enjoyed passing along messages from the other side because I know it’s comforting to hear from our loved ones after they’ve crossed over.

One day, while doing a reading, a deceased animal showed itself to me. I was surprised. I just wasn’t expecting that to happen. When I described the animal to my client, she knew exactly who I was connecting with. It was her deceased dog. She had had a very strong connection with the dog and was overjoyed to “hear” from it on the other side. When I tuned in to the animal, it was sending her love and reassurance, and something else I wasn’t expecting. It was waiting for her. It gave me a very clear indication that it was still attached to her and would see her on the other side when her time came.

I thought it was great. I thought it was interesting. As time went on, other animals came through during readings. Cats, horses, bunnies, and dogs. Sometimes there was a message like, “I forgive you” or “I’m okay and you did the right thing.” And sometimes they just sat there, waiting, loyally, connected. Just exuding love.

There is an afterlife for our animal companions. Their energy remains intact and connected to ours. When you cross over, you will reconnect with the animals you loved on earth. I don’t know if every pet you ever had will be waiting. Honestly, I haven’t encountered hamsters, fish, turtles, etc. But we’ll see.

I know that losing a beloved pet is like losing a member of the family. While we grieve their loss from our daily lives and the love they shared with us, I personally take heart knowing my darling Crystal is safe and intact on the other side, no longer in pain, and waiting to greet me when I cross over. It does give me some solace.

Look for your animal companions to come to you in your dreams. They will show you that they are okay and playing and romping around on the other side. And please know that you will see them again.

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