Intention vs. Plans

In last week’s article, God’s Plan for You, I told you that nothing is pre-ordained. Once you arrive on planet Earth your experience here is about the choices you make. I got a lot of questions about that article. Many agreed with it and understood the concept completely. Others felt like I was contradicting myself… Read On

God’s Plan for You

Maybe you got cancer when you were only 34. Maybe your husband died in Afghanistan, leaving you with 2 small kids to raise. Maybe your house was mowed down by a tornado. Maybe you lost your job and had to move back in with your parents. And what do people often say? “Well I guess… Read On

Where is God?

God is in the compassion you feel when those around you are in pain. God is in the tingling sensation you feel in your heart when you are near someone you love. God is present when you look in the mirror and really see yourself and smile. God is in your body when you throw… Read On

In League with Satan

Sometimes I get emails from people who are very urgently trying to warn me that the work I’m doing comes from Satan, not God. They let me know that the spirit guides I *think* I’m speaking with are just demons or Satan in disguise. They quote a few Bible verses at me, they tell me… Read On

Why don’t you just channel God instead of spirit guides?

Question: If God, or as you call it, Source, really exists, then how come when you do your readings for people you connect with their spirit guides? Wouldn’t it be better to just go straight to the Source for information? Why work with middle men? Answer: This is a great question and one I’ve been… Read On