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Is God a Personal Being or Abstract Energy?

Someone asked me this the other day. “Erin, do you see God as a personal being that you can communicate with one-on-one like any other spirit in the ether, or do you see Source/God as an abstract conscious energy that is just there but not personally available for discussion?”

I thought that was a great question.

I believe there is a conscious energy out there that is extremely expansive. When I tune in to it, I feel like I’m touching on just a tiny part of it from my third density position, and that it’s actually so far beyond my ability to comprehend that there is no point in trying. But I remember it.

The energy is pure love. It’s beautiful. It’s beyond wonderful. And I believe that’s where our souls are born and our consciousness is created. I believe we then decide for ourselves that we will incarnate here on Earth or in any other planes of existence that I also can’t really fathom but sense are there.

And I believe that when our bodies can no longer house our souls, we go back to this energy and merge with it. Then when we want another adventure, we initiate one.

When I’ve tuned in to Source to ask questions, I really am just washed over with love. The Source has no agenda for us other than for us to be. It is we who decide what direction our experience goes. The Source does not judge us. Source does not need anything from us. Source has no decree, requirements, or desires for us.

So yeah, I would say for the most part Source is abstract. God is love.

There are many individual energies, however, that you can tune in to on the other side. And those folk are fantastic at guiding us, keeping us tethered, and helping us out. You’ve got your spirit guides, angels, higher self, celestial beings, and ascended masters. These are all beings capable of helping us understand our existence in these third density bodies.

They are from Source but they are not Source itself.

I sometimes communicate with the personification of God in my dreams. I remember one time I dreamed I was in heaven talking to God and asking him a ton of questions about life, the universe and everything. And I was so captivated and intrigued that I said “Hey, can I record this conversation? I don’t want to forget it.” And God smiled patiently and said “Uh yeah, sure kid.” It was funny and I got a kick out of that when I woke up and had no recording present. 😉

Our minds have a difficult time understanding and fathoming the nature of the Source energy, which is fine. That’s a normal limitation of our brains. But when you slough off the mortal coil, you will remember. And it will feel like you never left, because you never really did.

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