Where is God?

God is in the compassion you feel when those around you are in pain.

God is in the tingling sensation you feel in your heart when you are near someone you love.

God is present when you look in the mirror and really see yourself and smile.

God is in your body when you throw your arms in the air and claim victory over a challenge.

God is in the tiny flicker of light that guides you when you’re drowning in the dark.

God is in the whisper of hope that comes after you receive devastating news.

God is in the surge of energy you get when you are moved to take action.

God is in your imagination when you feel inspired.

God is in the emotions you feel that tug at your heart or lift you in gratitude.

God is in the peace you feel when you accept what is.

God is not in a building.

God is not in a book.

God is not in a certain country.

God does not dwell in the house of fear and judgment.

God cannot be found outside of yourself.

God is in all of us.

God connects us together, weaving us into a cohesive tapestry.

God is Always.

God is Love.

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