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Why don’t you just channel God instead of spirit guides?

Question: If God, or as you call it, Source, really exists, then how come when you do your readings for people you connect with their spirit guides? Wouldn’t it be better to just go straight to the Source for information? Why work with middle men?

Answer: This is a great question and one I’ve been asked many times. The short answer is that I could communicate with Source during my intuitive sessions with clients. The only problem is, the reading would be very short, as God only has one message, and it’s the same for everyone. That message is, “You are loved.”

If you want to expand on that a little, here’s the slightly longer version. You are of Source. You are connected to Source always. There is no other way you can be. You may forget your connection. You may disconnect from Love. You may turn away from Source. You may dabble in disbelief. You may question the existence of Source. Doesn’t matter to Source. You are still loved.

If you ask Source whether you should leave your job as a computer programmer to become a singer, Source will respond, “If it helps you remember you are loved.” If you ask Source whether you should marry your fiancé, Source will say, “If it helps you remember you are loved.” If you ask Source whether you should have a baby, Source will say, “If it helps you remember you are loved.”

You are here to experience all that this life has to offer. And Source has gifted you with free will to make any decision you want. In the process, you will either remember you are loved or you will forget. And the more you remember, the happier your life will be. The more you forget, the more difficult your life will feel. In the beginning, before you got here, you were loved. In the end, when you return home, you will be loved. What you do in between is your choice. Source has no requirements for you.

When I do readings, people want to know what direction to take their lives so they can be happier. I’ve never had someone ask me how to make his life more difficult. So I turn to the spirit guides, which are the beautiful beings assigned to you before birth to help you navigate the maze of your life. It is their specific duty to encourage, nudge, guide, direct, and drop clues on your path so that you may find what you desire.

So when I ask your guides if you should leave your job as a computer programmer to become a singer, they offer me information that only they can see about that path. I relay it to you and you make the final decision about what will bring you more happiness. If you ask whether you should marry your fiancé, they may shine a light on the qualities your partner possesses that will bring you happiness or unhappiness, and then it is up to you to decide if you’d like to experience that. And if you ask about having a baby, your guides will present to you what your life will be like with or without a child in it, and again you will decide if you desire the outcome.

There are no wrong choices in life. You get to experience whatever you desire, whatever you attract, and whatever comes your way. But always, you are loved.

So during a reading with me if you want me to channel Source for you, you’re going to hear back, “You are loved.” If you feel like you need a little more than that, you’ll probably get, “You are loved. A lot.” It’s quite powerful really. But it definitely won’t take me 30 minutes to convey the message. 😉

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