How Often Should You Get a Psychic Reading?

Often when I’m done giving a reading to a client they ask me when they should get another one. I have found that it’s not so much based on timing, but on circumstance. Book a reading when you feel stuck and you’re not sure what your own intuition is telling you. Book a reading when… Read On

How can I learn to trust my psychic abilities?

Question:  How can I learn to trust my psychic abilities, specifically clairvoyance and the images I get?  How do I know if they are real or have any real meaning? Answer:  Clairvoyance means clear-seeing.  It is the psychic faculty that goes through the third eye chakra located between your eyebrows.  With clairvoyance you see images… Read On

Can you read for me and my wife together?

Question:  Can my wife and I get a couples’ reading for the same price as a 30 minute reading? Answer:  I get this question periodically so I figured it was a good time to answer it publicly.  I discourage couples from getting a reading together where they are on the phone at the same time. … Read On

I Can Do It – Readings in Tampa

I will be attending the I Can Do It conference with Steve in Tampa, Florida the weekend of Oct 3-5.  Like the conference in Las Vegas, I’ll be doing private in-person readings at the hotel during the conference.  If you’re attending and you’d like to book a reading, please contact me before you place your… Read On

June 2008 News

60-Minute Intuitive Reading Option Now Available Due to high demand I’ve created an option for a 60-Minute Intuitive Phone Reading.  Most people who wanted the full hour were booking the Combo option where you got a reading and consultation, but I can see now that a 60-Minute all intuitive reading option is desired.   You can… Read On