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June 2008 News

60-Minute Intuitive Reading Option Now Available
Due to high demand I’ve created an option for a 60-Minute Intuitive Phone Reading.  Most people who wanted the full hour were booking the Combo option where you got a reading and consultation, but I can see now that a 60-Minute all intuitive reading option is desired.   You can still book a Reading/Consultation combo if you like.  During a consultation you are speaking with me; I am not tuned in to your guides.  Many people use the consult option to discuss paranormal events that are happening to them, or to get specific personalized meditations, or to get my opinion on various situations in their lives, and even to learn how to become a professional psychic medium.   Book a reading here.

No June Hiatus
Also due to high demand, I ended up not taking a hiatus in June though I did scale back on my schedule a bit.  If you were waiting until July to book your reading, you’ll want to book now as I am beginning to book for July.

I Can Do It Conference
Thank you to everyone who has booked a reading during the I Can Do It conference.  My schedule is now full so I won’t be able to read for you during the conference if you haven’t already booked.  If you aren’t familiar with the I Can Do It conference it’s a wonderful conference where you get to hear many of the best authors in spirituality, quantum physics, and personal development.  It’s an uplifting conference and I highly recommend it.  My husband, Steve Pavlina, will be doing a presentation on Sunday, June 29, 2008 at the conference, where he will be discussing the principles from his upcoming book, Personal Development for Smart People.  It’s going to be wonderful.  Don’t miss!  He’ll be giving the same presentation in Tampa, Florida later this year in October.  If you see Steve or me at the conference, please come up and say hello.  Don’t be shy.  We like meeting our readers in person.  We’re going to try to get to as many sessions as we can but Hay House has Steve booked almost the entire conference so we’ll see.

Audio Program
I know you’ve been waiting patiently for my audio program.  We decided the first program is going to be on Lucid Dreaming.  After that I’ll probably do one on Psychic Development.  Thanks for your patience!  Once the kids are back in school full time I’ll be up to full speed again.

Answering Email
I’m getting more and more email these days.  I still read everything but I can’t always respond to lengthy requests for help.  Please visit our forums if you have a question.  The forum members are amazing individuals who are kind, non-judgmental, caring, and extremely helpful and wise.  If you want my personal take on your situation, book a consultation or a reading and we can go in depth on your particular situation.

Spirit Channeling Session
A short while ago you all submitted questions for the channeling session I am planning to do.  I thought I’d be able to finish that by the end of June but it doesn’t look good.  I will have more time after the conference and I’ll get to it then. 

Thank You for Sharing
Thank you for reading my blog and sharing it with your friends, coworkers, and family.  I appreciate those of you who take the time to Stumble the site and email articles to your friends.  Your efforts help to increase my traffic.  Click on the “Share This” link at the end of the articles that inspire you so they can inspire others as well. 🙂

Peace and love to you all!

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