Doing Readings at I Can Do It Conference

Hello dear readers and new visitors (welcome!).

As some of you may remember, Steve and I have attended the I Can Do It conference put on by Hay House here in Las Vegas for the last few years.  This year, Steve will actually be one of their speakers since he is one of their upcoming authors.  See his post for details on his speaking engagement.

As time permits, I will be doing psychic readings while at the conference.  I am offering either the regular 1 hour in person reading, or you can book a half hour in person reading if you’d like.  I will be able to do only a limited amount of readings due to all kinds of commitments, not the least of which is attending the conference.  If you are attending the conference and you want a reading please let me know as soon as you can so I can put a schedule together.  Thursday during the day (before the conference begins) and Monday (the day after the conference ends) will be the best day to book a reading.  Other good times will be Saturday afternoon/evening or Sunday in the early evening.

I highly encourage you to attend this conference.  It completely changed my life.  Just being around so many thousands of lightworkers is totally empowering.  Healing happens just being in the same room with so many healers, believe me.  The insights you will gain are immeasurable.  Plus it’s a good conference to look for like-minded, high-awareness people. 🙂

For details on the conference itself and to make travel arrangements, go to the Las Vegas I Can Do It 2008 website.  Don’t forget to sign up for Steve’s breakout session on Sunday, June 29 at 11am.  It’s going to be the first time he will be publicly discussing the concepts from his upcoming book, Personal Development for Smart People.

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