The Downside of Being at a High Vibration

If you’re a long time reader of my blog you’ll know that I often talk about raising your vibration or keeping your vibration high. What I mean by that is your emotional state. Are you in a vibration of love, joy, compassion, gratitude, amusement? Those are high vibrations. If your emotional state is shame, guilt,… Read On

Half Off Sale!

I’m having a half-off sale! Right now you can get the following products from my store for just $10.00 each: Raising Your Vibration: This 1-hour audio download includes 10 ways to raise your vibration in less than 10 minutes, plus two 10-minute meditations you can do every day to put yourself in a state of… Read On

The Importance of Vibration After Tragedy

This morning I was getting ready to write this very blog article on this very topic when I heard on the news of the horrible tragedy that befell the students and faculty at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, CT. It now feels even more important and timely. A couple weeks ago when I was… Read On

6 Ways to Raise Someone Else’s Vibration

In my audio program, Raising Your Vibration, I share 10 ways you can raise your vibration in less than 10 minutes. But what if your vibration is just fine and you’re around someone whose vibration is low? What if their low vibration is so strong that it starts to bring YOU down? Is there anything… Read On

Guarding Your Vibration

The other day I was in Whole Foods doing my weekly shop.  I was eyeing the beautiful watermelons but I really hate picking one only to find out it’s not good.  So I kept walking.  Then I saw a lovely woman, about my age, tapping on the watermelons.  I sauntered over and said, “Whatcha doin?” … Read On