The Importance of Vibration After Tragedy

This morning I was getting ready to write this very blog article on this very topic when I heard on the news of the horrible tragedy that befell the students and faculty at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, CT. It now feels even more important and timely.

A couple weeks ago when I was at the Abraham-Hicks seminar in Phoenix, Arizona, one of the things Abraham said that really stuck out to me was this:

“You can never feel bad enough to make someone who feels bad feel better.”

Abraham went on to explain that putting yourself in a state of misery does not help someone reach a state of joy.

When tragedies happen, it is very normal to feel sad for the victims and angry at the perpetrators. When tragedy happens, it is very normal to feel powerless and want to instigate actions to prevent tragedy from happening again. It’s normal to want to make sense of the tragedy, to understand why, to point the finger, to place blame, to do whatever is in your power to make sure it never happens again.

Your heart goes out to the victims and their families. All very normal.

But one of the most important things you can do when tragedy strikes is not to slip into a lower vibration like sadness and anger. Rather, one of the best things you can do for the world is to keep your vibration high.

I’m not suggesting you ignore what has happened. I’m not suggesting it’s not worth thinking about. But as Abraham said, you can never feel bad enough to make someone who feels bad feel better.

Keep your vibration high. Stay in the place of gratitude, compassion, love and joy. That’s what shifts the world. Don’t let your light go out because tragedy has befallen others. Otherwise, the world succumbs to darkness.

It is during times of great moral tragedy and senseless loss of life that it becomes even more important for those who generate light to stand fast, to be a beacon for those whose light falters.

Otherwise you slip into despair and powerlessness and that doesn’t do anything for anyone.

As you go on about your life, live it from a place of light, to honor those who lost their own chance to shine. As you go on about your life, stay in a place of joy and love for everyone. And above all, be grateful for everything you are and everything you have.

If you are standing in the light, and beaconing love, extend your energy to those who are sad and lift them up. Help them rise again, or hold them until they can stand again on their own. But do not crumble beside them. They need your strength and your light.

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