Last Chance to Get Raising Your Vibration and The Other Side

In January 2023, my web developer will be launching an updated version of my website, and it will be a bit more streamlined.

To that end, I’ve decided to “retire” two products that I’ve been selling for more than 10 years, and I wanted to give you a heads up on that, and provide an opportunity for you to get the products if you desire, before they are gone forever.

Raising Your Vibration (MP3)

Make better decisions, feel great, and spread the joy to others! In this audio program, based on Erin’s popular ebook, she’ll teach you the 10 ways you can raise your vibration in under 10 minutes. When you’re feeling sad, upset, angry, or anxious it can feel like your life is spiralling out of control. With the tools in this program, you’ll learn how to lift your vibration quickly to a more empowering state such as love, gratitude, and peace. Instead of struggling against the current, you will learn how to go with the flow.

This audio program contains 25 minutes of instruction, plus two guided meditations set to relaxing New Age music. Each meditation is under 10 minutes. In the Love meditation, Erin will take you to a lush forest where you will meet some interesting people who will help you remember love. In the Gratitude meditation, a spirit guide will take you to a temple in space and help you find the high vibration of gratitude. Meditations can be done repeatedly as you can meet new people in both meditation landscapes.

Price: $9.97

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The Other Side: Spirits, Guides, and the Afterlife (ebook)

It’s the great unknown… the Other Side. Eventually we’re all going to cross over. Do you remember what happens on the other side?

Erin is an amazing intuitive with a lifetime of experience communicating with the Other Side. She has shared her insights, experiences, and wisdom on her blog for years. Now, instead of having to search for all these articles among the hundreds she has written on other topics, you can get them all in one easy-to-read collection, sorted logically by categories.

Get Answers:

  • What happens when you die?
  • Why did you choose to incarnate?
  • How can you connect with a deceased relative?
  • How do you communicate with your spirit guides?
  • Why did you choose your parents?
  • Do you have to reincarnate?
  • Do spirit guides arrange relationships?
  • Does Hell actually exist?
  • What is your life purpose?
  • … and so much more!

This ebook comes with 2 free downloadable bonuses:

Free Bonus #1: A Tour of the Other Side (MP3)
In this 13 minute informative audio Erin details what happens on the Other Side, from birth to death and back again. Past lives, reincarnation, the afterlife, birth, and death are all covered. Erin takes the mystery out of life and death.

Free Bonus #2: 25 Questions to Ask Your Guides (PDF)
Erin offers an easy method for tuning in to your spirit guides along with 25 questions to get the conversation started. Once you can tune in to your own guides, you can harness the power of your intuition to help you with career, relationships, finances, health, and spirituality.

Price: $9.97

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Thousands of people have purchased these programs over the years, but it’s time to make space for new products. I am not quite sure of the exact date we will relaunch the site, but it’s safe to assume you have until at least Dec 31, 2022 to get these programs.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased them over the years and sent me positive feedback on how they have changed your life or your viewpoint on the afterlife.

It is my pleasure to serve.

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