Guarding Your Vibration

The other day I was in Whole Foods doing my weekly shop.  I was eyeing the beautiful watermelons but I really hate picking one only to find out it’s not good.  So I kept walking.  Then I saw a lovely woman, about my age, tapping on the watermelons.  I sauntered over and said, “Whatcha doin?”  She said, “Last week I got a bad watermelon and brought it back and the produce guy told me how to tell if they’re ripe.  You’re supposed to tap on them and some will sound hollow and some will make a dull thud.  I just can’t remember which is good and which means it’s bad.”

I smiled.  This was going to be fun.  I started knocking on the watermelons.  She knocked, I knocked.  We compared sounds.  Definitely differences in how they sounded.  She was pretty sure the hollow-sounding ones were the good ones.  We started banging on those watermelons like they were drums.  Pretty soon we had a nice beat going.  We were really enjoying ourselves, smiling, laughing, comparing. 

Soon we had each picked a watermelon, hoping we’d made the right choice.  I took her over to the cantaloupes and taught her what the produce guy taught me about picking a good one.  When you smell it, it should smell like a ripe cantaloupe already (or very nearly so).  If it has no smell, leave it be.  She thanked me for my tip and we each picked a nice ripe cantaloupe.

I enjoyed my experience with her.  I love connecting with strangers.  We wished each other well and went on about our shopping.  In a minute, I saw this lady’s husband come up to the cart carrying a bag of something green.  He said, “Come on, stop fooling around.  We’ve got things to do.”  And that’s when I saw her energy plummet.  All the joy left her in moments, sucked into the vortex of joylessness.  I watched from afar as he continued to lecture her on being serious, staying focused, and getting things done.  I heard her respond with phrases like, “Okay dear.  Yes dear.  Fine, fine.  Whatever.” 

As I continued shopping, I ran into them in the aisles as we were going at roughly the same pace.  Her energy was still low when I ran into her in the cereal aisle.  I said, “So how do you pick ripe cereal?”  She got this funny look on her face, like she suddenly wasn’t invisible, then started laughing.  And we started tapping and drumming on the cereal boxes with childlike glee.  Her energy was back up.  Her chakras were open.  Her husband wasn’t near her.  We had a good chuckle and continued on.  Her husband came back to the cart and didn’t even say a word, but I saw all her joyful energy leave her again.  She looked down at the ground and pushed her cart without saying a word to him.  He was going on about prices being too high and complaining about some other things.

I don’t know if they were just having a bad day or if this was the norm in their lives, but I got the sense that she spent more time taking care of him and his needs than her own, and I also got the sense that she desperately wanted to experience more joy in her life but was often stunted by the energy of her husband, and potentially other people.

Have you experienced the energy plummet?  You’re having a great time, your energy is high, you’re in a nice high vibrational state, and an event, a person, or a situation suddenly brings your energy down?  What’s happening and what should you do when this happens?

At all times you are broadcasting your energy to the world, whether you’re in a high vibrational state or a low one.  As you interact with people, they are brushing up against your energy field, and you’re interacting with theirs.  So if you’re having a great time, and you come across another person having a great time, your energies are going to mingle and you’ll probably both be having a better time in seconds!  If your energy is super low and you come into range of another person who is low, neither one of you will be in a vibrational state to uplift the other, so your energies will remain low, and potentially get worse if you both start complaining about your problems or life situation.

But what happens when a high vibration meets a low vibration?  The stronger field will begin to affect the weaker field.  By stronger I mean the person more committed to maintaining their energetic state.  In the case I outlined, it was the husband.  The woman immediately caved to his energy, she didn’t put up a fight at all.  I’m guessing it’s because they run this pattern often and she often fails so just capitulates to save time and struggle.  She’s been conditioned.

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re with someone vibrating at a totally different frequency than you?  If so, you know what I’m talking about.  If they’re low and you’re high, you might refer to them as a buzzkill.  If you’re the low one and they are high, you might tell them they are being insensitive to your misery.  Misery loves company, right?  So if you’re miserable then your field is going to naturally try to lower someone else’s.  Sometimes that works, and sometimes it doesn’t, and they leave you to your misery.  But one thing is certain… when two fields of opposite polarities engage, eventually the stronger field will influence the weaker one.

Is there a defense?  What if you don’t want to be brought down off your high?  Could the woman in the grocery store have done something to make her field stronger?  The answer is consciousness.  You must consciously decide what your vibration is going to be.  It’s literally like putting up a shield.  So if someone comes to you complaining, their waves will bounce harmlessly off your consciousness shield. 

Here are the steps you can take to guard yourself when your vibration is high and you’re about to interact with another person:

Step 1:  Identify the vibration of the person you’re interacting with.  Is it high or low?

Step 2:  If you want your vibration lowered, let them in and let their energy overtake yours.  It won’t take long.  If you don’t want to be sucked into the vortex of low energy, go to step 3.

Step 3:  Recognize the push and pull of energy between you and stay strong in your field.  Conscious awareness and intent are all it takes to stay in your high vibrational state.  Refuse to sink to their state.  As their energy creeps into yours, push back by staying positive and in your joy.  You might even raise their vibration if they’re willing.

Step 4:  Remove yourself from the situation if you need to.  And if you’re constantly brought down by the same person, consider removing them from your life.

You are responsible for your vibrational state.  You can put yourself in any state you want by consciously choosing your emotions.  And if you’re in a low vibrational state, raise your vibration.  Do you want to be at the mercy of someone else’s vibrational field?  Or do you want to decide how you feel?  Really, the choice is yours.

Own your vibration and guard it from those who seek to lower it.  You will experience more joy and resourcefulness if you can keep your vibration high.

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