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Are there any spiritual consequences to cremation?

Question:  Are there any consequences to the spirit if the body is cremated? Is the body and spirit connection torn apart at the moment of death or does it drag on a little longer? Answer:  My mom and I were talking on the phone one day about death and whether we wanted to be buried or cremated.  She said she was afraid to be cremated because she doesn’t want to feel the burning pain.  I was sort of surprised she would even think that was possible.  Was she under the mistaken belief that when you die you just sit around

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How do You Know a Spirit is at Rest
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Erin Pavlina

How do you know if a spirit is at rest?

Question:  Is there any way to know if a spirit is at rest?  Say for example if my friend committed suicide, how would I know if he is at peace or if he is in a self-imposed hell cut off from the light?  If he is in a bad place, is there anything I can do to help him find the light? Answer:  The way you’re using the term “at rest” to me means the spirit has crossed over fully, has accepted the light, has gone through their life review, come to terms with their deeds, and is now kicking

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