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Are there any spiritual consequences to cremation?

Question:  Are there any consequences to the spirit if the body is cremated? Is the body and spirit connection torn apart at the moment of death or does it drag on a little longer?

Answer:  My mom and I were talking on the phone one day about death and whether we wanted to be buried or cremated.  She said she was afraid to be cremated because she doesn’t want to feel the burning pain.  I was sort of surprised she would even think that was possible.  Was she under the mistaken belief that when you die you just sit around in your body, conscious and bored in your coffin?  Trapped in your now lifeless shell?

If anyone else is under the impression that you will feel anything that happens to your body once you leave it, rest assured that once you die, the connection is severed and your body becomes a shell, incapable of registering pain.  So whether you are cremated, autopsied, or buried in a coffin, don’t be afraid that you will feel any of it.

When you die, the astral cord that has connected and tethered you to your body during your life gets severed.  Once that happens, you aren’t getting back into your body!  All of your consciousness is in your spirit, your soul, your ghost-like form.  You will look at your body the way a peanut might look at its shell, “Thanks for sheltering me, but you can go now.”  The body is just the organic casing for the peanutty goodness that is your essence. 🙂

Energetically speaking, however, how long do you stay attached to the body before you cross over?  If you die unexpectedly, like from an accident or murder, you will probably hang around your body for a while;  anywhere from 20 minutes to several days.  Often people who die suddenly don’t figure it out right away or resist accepting that they have died, so they hover around their body trying to make sense of their current situation.  Once the body is cremated, autopsied or buried these people usually get the idea that there is no going back and they begin to move on, cross over, look for the light, or try to remain earthbound if that’s important to them (as is often the case with people who have unfinished urgent business).

Cremation is safe for your soul.  (Hmm, that would make a good bumper sticker).  However, I do think it’s a good idea to wait 3 or 4 days after a person dies before you dispose of the body.  That seems sensible to me.  It gives the living time to adjust, and it gives the dead time to let go.  Death can be somewhat traumatic for people who weren’t ready for it.

I told my mom I wanted to be cremated so I didn’t take up unnecessary space on some otherwise beautiful land.  A nice roaring funeral pyre in the forest with some Celtic music playing in the back would be welcome too.  How would you like to honor your shell for its lifetime of service?

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