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Do You Have to Cross Over When You Die?

Recently I received this question via email: “Erin, I truly feel that when I die I won’t want to cross over and leave my children. Is there any way I can stick around for a while, like until they are grown, and continue to watch over them? I’m afraid if I cross over I will lose my connection to my loved ones. Must I cross over when I die?”

The prospect of leaving our loved ones behind when we pass away is daunting and can bring up feelings of sadness and profound loss.

But this is what you need to know…

First, crossing over when you pass away does not sever the connection to your loved ones. You will still be able to look in on them, interact energetically, send them love, and see what they’re up to.

You won’t do this 24/7, because you will have other things to occupy your attention, but you will not lose your connection to anyone you love unless you choose to let go completely.

Second, crossing over is going to be your natural, instinctual inclination. It completes a cycle that started when you were born. Dying is the completion of a journey, and going Home to be with your loved ones on the other side will feel like coming home after being away for a long time.

So, in most cases, you will be swept up in the process and guided to the other side by your spirit guides, angels, and loved ones who are already there. This is the natural way of things.

But could you stay if you wanted to? Could you resist crossing over?

You could, but it’s not healthy for you. You will be in limbo, a non-physical being who can only hover nearby. You will have to constantly resist the pull of completing your dying process and sloughing off the mortal coil.

You will be trapped in the physical confines of an illusory existence, like a ghost moving from room to room, stuck where you died or stuck where your loved ones are. You will not re-merge with your higher self and complete the incarnation.

You will have to draw power and energy from living beings in order to remain in limbo which is not healthy for the people you’re taking energy from. It can stunt the grieving process for your loved ones as well.

Sometimes people who have committed heinous crimes and fear punishment from God will fight to stay in limbo so they are not judged and sent to Hell. That’s an understandable desire if it were true. But God will not judge you and there is no Hell, so you’re just wallowing in your crime and feelings for no good reason.

When your time comes and you leave your body, complete the process of crossing over. Staying in limbo will not be comfortable nor do you any favors. You will still be able to watch over your loved ones from the other side.

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