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Fear and Self-Loathing in Las Vegas

In 2008 I was getting ready to head out for the night to a meeting, when some guy emailed me out of the blue using my business contact form and called me a whale. Yeah. “You’re a fat whale. You should lose some weight. I can’t stand looking at you.” That was the entirety of his email. He didn’t include a real email address for a response. Typical. At that point in my life, I was getting a little bit of hate mail, but it was usually related to my business. “You’re a fraud.” “Stop charging money for your god

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You Must Have God In You

When you remember that you are a loving tendril of Source consciousness, and that everyone around you is as well, you begin to see that we are all One. Like fingers on the hand, or limbs on the body of God, we are all connected even when we can’t see the web of connection between us. Sometimes it’s hard to see that connection with our eyes or our minds, but it’s always there in our hearts. Open your heart, connect with others, and you will begin to feel that you are not a single energy walking in this world, but

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