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You Must Have God In You

When you remember that you are a loving tendril of Source consciousness, and that everyone around you is as well, you begin to see that we are all One. Like fingers on the hand, or limbs on the body of God, we are all connected even when we can’t see the web of connection between us. Sometimes it’s hard to see that connection with our eyes or our minds, but it’s always there in our hearts. Open your heart, connect with others, and you will begin to feel that you are not a single energy walking in this world, but part of a loving collective.

Recently I received an email from a reader who had a beautiful story to tell that illustrates what happens when you are guided by connection instead of separation. He gave me permission to share it with you.

“I just wanted to tell you that your article for Martin Luther King Day, I Have a Dream Too, was very touching and I wanted to share a little story on how I did something today that I would have never done if I had not read your articles over the past couple of weeks.

A homeless man stopped me on the street today and told me he had moved to Boston from North Carolina and just got a job here, but that he is homeless until he gets enough money. He said he just wanted a cup of coffee because it was freezing today in Boston. Before I ever read your articles I would not stop to talk to people on the streets, mostly out of fear. So I told him we could walk to Au Bon Pain and I would be happy to buy him a coffee. He said all he needed was 2 dollars so I wouldn’t have to walk out of my way, but I told him I was going to put it on my debit card because I didn’t have cash on me. He felt bad and I said don’t worry about it. I walked with him there and he got his coffee and I asked him if he needed something to eat. He looked at me shocked and said he didn’t want to impose, but I said again that I didn’t mind. So, he got something to eat too, thanked me profusely and said “you must have God in you.”

Then I said goodbye and went on my way. But from you I realize that God or Source is in all of us. We choose everyday how we are going to act in a situation. If it was not for me reading your articles saying to give money to the homeless when in need I would have walked right past him. I felt really good about what I did today. And whenever someone on the street asks me for change, I always give what change I have even though I am a student and not wealthy. I do this simply because I am grateful for what I do have, and giving spare change to someone in need does not hurt me and it will help them. So, again thank you for all of your articles. You have changed who I am in a short period of time and I am really grateful! Take care!” – D

“You must have God in you.” What does that mean? What did he see? Compassion, care, connection, a generous heart, and a sympathetic spirit. How do you feel when you reconnect with the God-ness in you? When you help others it raises your vibration. It elevates you to a state of compassion, gratitude, and love. When you can gift those feelings to another the love is magnified. How do you think the homeless man felt as he went on about his day? He probably felt loved, cared for, and like he mattered. And he probably paid it forward throughout the rest of his day.

Do something today that reconnects you to Source. Connect with another tendril. Give love, express compassion, offer empathy and understanding. We might look like we’re going through life as individuals, but we’re actually all connected. When you help others, you’re really helping yourself.

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