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Einstein, Elvis, and Gandhi Walk Into a Bar

Is it possible to speak with famous people who have crossed over? Would they be willing to talk to us if we’re just normal, average people who didn’t know them in life? Do they retain their personas and knowledge even on the other side? I’ve written a couple of articles about how I’ve communicated with some deceased celebrities like Anna Nicole Smith, Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger, and Nicole Simpson, but in these cases, the person was killed prematurely, before their time, and they had important and strong messages to convey to their loved ones that I intercepted. None of these

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The Passing of Michael Jackson

I wasn’t sure I wanted to write a blog entry about the death of Michael Jackson, but my inbox is flooded with questions and concerns from fans about how he’s doing on the other side.  So after careful thought, I’ve decided to share what I’ve picked up so far.  Please bear in mind that I have not sat in session with any of Michael’s family which would give me a much stronger connection.  All I’m doing right now is picking up on the energy that he’s broadcasting to everyone.  Think of it like tuning in to the Michael Jackson station. 

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Can we meet celebrities on the other side?

Question: Can we meet celebrities on the other side? Answer:  More than one person has asked me this question recently, and in light of the recent deaths of so many celebrities (David Carradine, Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, and Michael Jackson) I figure it’s a good time to answer it. Technically, the answer is yes.  You can interact with anyone on the other side as long as you both are willing.  At that point you will both be energy, not identity, and it won’t be as thrilling or exciting as you’re probably imagining it now.  Remember that fame is something that

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