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Can we meet celebrities on the other side?

Question: Can we meet celebrities on the other side?

Answer:  More than one person has asked me this question recently, and in light of the recent deaths of so many celebrities (David Carradine, Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, and Michael Jackson) I figure it’s a good time to answer it.

Technically, the answer is yes.  You can interact with anyone on the other side as long as you both are willing.  At that point you will both be energy, not identity, and it won’t be as thrilling or exciting as you’re probably imagining it now. 

Remember that fame is something that happens here on Earth.  It’s not like Elvis is entertaining in the ether, performing 5 sold out shows per week.  His energy is there, sure, and you could probably even engage with him in some type of dialogue.  But once you arrive there  you will remember that Elvis is just an aspect of God consciousness, as you are, and the lure of celebrity will be gone.  What is left are our experiences, consciousness, and growth, not our bank accounts, notoriety, or fame.

There are some celebrities who may not have fully crossed over, though.  People who were murdered or committed suicide, or who really resist dying, could still be lingering around with their celebrity identities intact.  In those cases, when you died, you’d probably breeze right past them and not encounter them at all.  But these celebrities could still be communicated with by a psychic medium, and the celebrity would retain their identity, even though it would be healthier for them to let it go and cross over.

Remember that we live many lives.  You might get back to the ether and discover you were Cleopatra in a previous life, or Marilyn Monroe or Albert Einstein.  Wouldn’t that be a kick?  What if you’re the celebrity or famous person everyone wants to connect with and you don’t even remember who you were?  In the ether we are identified by our wisdom and our level of consciousness, not our record sales on Earth.

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