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Soulmates, Predictions, and Fear Oh My!

I got an email from a gal who was very concerned because a psychic had told her that her “soulmate” was in Austin, TX but the girl herself lived in Hong Kong. She said to me, “Erin, I am so worried. I have a really great job here in Hong Kong that I love, I can’t easily move to Austin, TX but if I don’t, I’ll be alone the rest of my life. What can I do?” First, fire the psychic. If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile you’ll know there are several things in this woman’s email that

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Have you ever foreseen your sitter’s death in a reading?

Question: Have you ever given a reading and learned that the person was going to die soon?  If that happened, would you tell the person? Answer:  I’ve done readings with people where I could see one of their close loved ones was going to die, and I’ve done readings that contained dire warnings for my sitters about health situations that needed urgent attention or death might follow, but so far I haven’t foreseen an actual death of my sitter. The first time I saw death looming closely was a very unfortunate situation because I was reading for a bride at

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